Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rays T Ball v Brewers

The T Ball season is off and running. The weather was more like April, but the City of Coralville decided to begin their season in the middle of June. Our first game as the Coralville Rays was against the crosstown Brewers.

This year's team has many hold overs from ones I've managed in the past. The twins, blonde bomber as well as my son return. It is nice to have this core as they are great kids with terrific parents.

Although tonight's game was our first, the fielding and hitting was very good. This year we are in the advanced T Ball league, or the "Majors." It is a coach-pitch league and outs are kept. But teams bat all of their team mebers, but if there are three outs in the same inning the side is retired. I'm not sure we'll be seeing that for a few games.

Games are played on Thursdays at the Coralville Youth Sports Park.

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