Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Better Mascot Costume?

Ghostly Cy?


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Captain America Herky?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Down goes #5

A highly anticipated match up quickly became a rout as the Iowa Hawkeyes beat up on the Michigan State Spartans winning 37-6.
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Matt Millen and Sean McDonough

Iowa Football is fortunate to have had all of its games televised since the 2000 season. Big Ten Network, ESPN, ABC, Fox Sports, Versus are among the different networks producing each game. And in that time I have had the pleasure meeting many personalities and voices associated with college football. However one of the more memorable is Matt Millen.
Typically announcers arrive as early as the Thursday prior to game day to either watch a little video or to attend practice to get to know the team a little better. Then on Friday the talent spends almost two hours with coaches and players to provide a little background for the game telecast.
And while they are in town they will watch video of each team. It varies by announcing crew as to the amount, but no one watches more than Matt Millen.
The former GM of the Detroit Lions spends his fall weekends on either college campuses or preparing for his Monday Night Football duties on ESPN. Millen's life is emerged in football and it starts with the amount of game video he watches. No other announcer I've worked with watches as much as Millen.
For the second week in a row Millen arrived in Iowa City early Thursday morning and immediately went to the video. Iowa was a new team for him this season and it was important for him to study them the best he could. A week ago he spent his entire first day watching Iowa's previous game with Michigan. He then returned with his production staff early Friday morning to watch more of the Hawkeyes in their previous game as well as get some prep in on Wisconsin. The morning wasn't enough as he returned in the evening and then again Saturday morning.
Once he felt his session was complete, he could be found pacing in the Kinnick Stadium press box as if he was preparing for an oral exam. He would take time to meet with the other "celebrities" in the press box, and then return to his pacing until he was to take to the air. As prepared as Matt is, he is that personable. A self-described "low maintenance" person makes you feel as if you've been his friend for years.
His broadcasts reflect the time he prepares. ABC and ESPN is fortunate to have some of the best analysts of the college game, but Millen's preparation is second to none. And tomorrow when Iowa and Michigan State take to the field, Millen may know more about each team than those on the field.

A New Video Era

Matt from Iowa alongside Big D and Ryan from Wisconsin
 Many of you have already heard of the recent tragedy at Notre Dame involving a video student losing their life when the scissor lift they were shooting practice from tipped over in winds totally 50mph. My sympathies and those of my video staff are extended to the family of the student as well as the Notre Dame Video Staff.

Much of what I wanted to say has been covered in a recent article on Being a member of a college video staff can at times be anonymous. We are those who hide behind the cameras, rarely being seen in front of those. While many have their eyes on the on-field action, there are those recording every move of the players, seemingly non-stop throughout a practice or a game. That footage is edited and shared out to coaches and players on your own team, and games are exchanged with teams throughout the conference and country.

While many eyes constantly play, replay and review each play over and over, it is a small group of people that watch their footage. Coaches and players are the target audience for this video, but fans rarely get a glimpse of this behind the scenes world.

This tragedy strikes very close to home. While I did not know the young man who lost his life, I do know his immediate boss. He has been at Notre Dame for as long as I've been at Iowa--around twenty years. All of us in the profession have been atop those lifts getting everything a coach would want to make his team better. And whether or not we continue to get into scissor lifts, boom lifts or other shooting towers, we send other students up to capture every step, route, punt and hit. When I began working at Iowa the saying was, "Whatever the Hawkeyes are doing, we're shooting it." Big Brother we became.

The unique part of the job is the comraderie that binds video staffs across the county. Coaches may like one another, but they also want to beat their fellow friend. But in our profession our rivalries must be put aside as it is important to help one another out. We need our opponent's video as they need ours. And in the process of helping one another out, we become friends with each other.

This two-week period on the schedule features Wisconsin and Michigan State. Our team goal is to win the game, but at Iowa we share a booth as well as assisting each other to ensure they can do their job quickly, efficiently and correctly. And at the same time, we form a bond of friendship. Some greater than others, but for these consecutive weeks we host two staffs we consider friends and not opponents.

For those who follow this blog know Wisconsin's and our video staffs meet in Dubuque every Summer for a friendly, yet competitive game of golf. A lot of fun is had on that day, and that continues over to a great time in the booth during a game. Michigan State will also provide a fun experience within the booth on Saturday regardless of the outcome of the game.

Tomorrow when Iowa and Michigan State put their cameras atop their tripods, nothing will have changed. I will be standing next to MSU's Tom and our students will be in the end zones side by side. That is our normal. We will be thinking of what those in South Bend must be going through as their normal will never be that again.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Night Out on the Town

Walt Disney World in Orlando offers more than fun for the kids, it allows for children of all ages to enjoy themselves during the day and at night. A lesser known area of the DisneyWorld area is Pleasure Island, a location for families to enjoy all kinds of food and fun, but for adults to relax after a day at the park with the kids.

Pleasure Island is part of Downtown Disney. Filled with shops, movie theaters and fine dining, it also has a variety of clubs and bars. Irish pubs, dance clubs as well as a House of Blues with live music on many nights. It has something for everyone. The clubs include techno, 80s, piano and country.

Food is aplenty, too. Seafood, Italian, as well as a Planet Hollywood and a Rainforest Cafe allow for everyone to find something for their tastebuds.

College Football Week 8

The college football never disappoints. While games may not finish with your preferred team winning, every week there are great games....After eight weeks of the college football season many fans criticize how teams are ranked, and they will continue to do so until the bowl pairings are announced. However there is no need to panic after the midway point of the season. Often the rankings will shake out in the end as many top games have yet to be played....But if there are polls to be made, why not let the ones who set the Vegas lines also set who the top ten are. They know the game well and their betting lines are more right than wrong.....Auburn hits the #1 spot in the BCS, impressive in Gene Chizik's second year. But some in the Twin Cities may wonder what could have been as the Tiger's Defensive Coordinator, Ted Roof spent time heading the Gopher's D under Tim Brewster.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hawkeyes Lose First Big Ten Game

A last minute Wisconsin touchdown, and an Iowa offensive series that ran out of time is how the Iowa Hawkeyes fnished their first loss of the Big Ten season, 31-30. It was the Hawkeyes second overall loss on the season.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Iowa - Wisconsin on ABC

The battle for ownership of the Heartland Trophy for at least two years is on the line this Saturday in Kinnick Stadium. Iowa and Wisconsin battle for the last time until at least 2013 as conference realignment for divisional play takes play next season. The game will be shown live on ABC in Big Ten country with the rest of the USA seeing it on ESPN. Sean McDonough, Matt Millen and Heather Cox with the call.

Typical for all televised games the announcers will show up to the game site a day or two before Saturday. Millen decided to get in some extra work on his teams by watching video Thursday morning.

A self-described Video Junkie, Millen enjoys the preparation that goes into his broadcast and watches as much video as he can. After about two hours in today he asked for a place to eat nearby. I suggestd a couple of different places in Coralville but declined to travel so far from the complex. The next suggestion turned to the cafeteria at the hospital. And quicker than he could set the remote down I found myself on a walk to the UIHC for lunch with the ABC analyst.

Showing him the different selections offered he settles on a deli sandwich like myself with chili and chocolate milk. We sat down and talked pro and college football as well as the time commitment it takes to balance his many duties for the ESPN networks as well as the NFL Network. At one break I told him I regretted that I brought him to the hospital cafeteria as there are so many other options in Iowa City. Downplaying it he said that he is as "low maintenance" as they come and he couldn't be happier with the sandwich, soup and chocolate milk.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Battle for the Toolbox

Not only is the Heartland Trophy at stake when Wisconsin travels to Iowa City to take on the Hawkeyes this weekend, so is the longer-running travelling trophy of the Toolbox.

While the Heartland Trophy began in 2004, the Toolbox dates back to 1991. The current day's edition has a different look to the one that began the series.

It didn't start the year that Barry Alvarez took over as head football coach in Madison, but in year two the game took off. John Chadima, a former manager for the Iowa Football team became the Director of Football Operations for Alavarez. After a year he reached out to Iowa to see if there would be interest in playing a game between the managers of the representing teams. The game was on, and it was played on a sunny Friday afternoon inside Camp Randall Stadium. The Hawkeye managers won the first game, but the Battle for the Toolbox didn't become a yearly tradition until 1995.

The football teams of the two schools weren't on each others schedules for 1993 and 1994, but once that series re-started, the Battle for the Toolbox started a new run that hasn't had an interruption since.

Today the game has taken on new meaning. On that sunny afternoon in 1991, few were on-hand to witness it. The game was officiated among the players and the game was over in almost an hour. But today crowds show up to show their support for their son, boyfriend or classmate. Whether the game is in the Iowa Indoor Practice Facility or Wisconsin's Dave McClain Center fans, cheerleaders and mascots are found crowding the sidelines. And the game has become serious enough that the home team supplies high school officials to keep the play fair.

Friday night after 10pm will be another battle for a toolbox that has seen its better days. But this piece of equipment has meaning and history. And although the rivalry of the two football teams will no longer be played on a yearly basis, the Battle for the Toolbox is truly the biggest loser amid all of the fallout.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

#1 Iowa - #2 Michigan -- 25 Years Ago Today

On October 19, 1985 is the day Hawkeye Football fans will remember for a long time. Those who were fortunate to be in Kinnick Stadium saw one of the greatest games in Iowa Football history, and it was a game that has never happened since.

Coming into the game the Hawkeyes climbed to #1 in the polls with impressive victories over Drake, Iowa State, and Michigan State. Iowa was still riding the momentum off a 55-17 Freedom Bowl victory over Texas the year before and expectations had been high. Achieving the #1 ranking would be expected for many of the traditional college football programs, but for Hawkeye fans, being #1 was a rare feat.

in 1984 the Hawkeyes handed Michigan one of the worst defeats for Wolverine head coach Bo Schembechler's career, 26-0. However Michigan bounced back in 1985 with one of the top defenses in the nation. Touchdowns didn't happen against the Maize and Blue in 1985, and against Iowa the streak would continue.

It was the most anticipated game of the Hawkeye home schedule, but a match-up of #1 Iowa and #2 Michigan wasn't enough for CBS to televise nationally. The national home to Big Ten football decided to split the game across the nation and provide Georgia Tech and Auburn to a share of the country. But in Iowa the ticket was the most sought after of the year.

The game was truly a classic providing some great memories. Michigan quarterback, Jim Harbaugh fighting the Kinnick Stadium crowd noise in the Hawkeye red zone. The noise was bad enough provoking Schembechler to pull the team off to the sideline until it quieted down. However Harbaugh had to continue to try to be audible, and thus leading to the only touchdown in the game.

Defense was the story of the game. Iowa's led by linebacker Larry Station who made one of the more memorable 3rd down tackles in Iowa Football history. On the Wolverine last drive, Station made a tackle for loss on third down resulting in a Michigan punt which set up the winning Iowa drive.

But the most memorable moment came by way of walk-on placekicker Rob Houghtlin. Houghtlin had already connected on three of four field goals and supplying the only points for Iowa. But what led to him not buying another beer in the state of Iowa (per Sports Illustrated) was the 29 yarder with two seconds to go and down by one to the Wolverines.

Attempts by Schembechler to ice him, Houghtlin wasn't bothered by the extra time, and hit the field goal that is remembered by Hawkeye fans of all time. Fans stormed the field and those who didn't, did not want to leave. Pandamonium swept through Iowa City it arguably the biggest win in Iowa Football history.

Monday, October 18, 2010

College Football Week 7

Courtesy Frat House Sports
 Another week where the College Football's #1 team goes down...and while it wasn't the #1 team, these ladies at Kentucky had something to cheer about that didn't occur on a basketball court. Kentucky finally beat Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks could not put away a determined Wildcats squad......October has provided us with a match-up that has appeared to weekly give us a game that goes a long way in determining the Big Ten Championship. In this month, the current top three will play each other and two of those teams did away with one pretender. In East Lansing on the first weekend Michigan State made a statement that it would be a major player in determining the conference champion. On that day Sparty took down Bucky and continued their unbeaten streak. The following weekend Michigan State traveled to Ann Arbor and put "little brother" in its place. The third weekend gave us Iowa doing much of the same at the Big House, while Wisconsin dethroned the #1 team in the county, downing Ohio State. The final two weeks has the Hawkeyes hosting the Badgers and Spartans. Perhaps this is the most meaningful October in years for the Big Ten.......If Boise State and TCU are the last two undefeated teams remaining at the end of the season, will the BCS select them to play for the national championship? While this match-up may eventually occur, perhaps in the title game, will the final AP poll award the winner their national championship? or will it go to a BCS team?....

Michigan in Pictures

Saturday's Iowa Football win at Michigan was only the seventh time since 1900 the Hawkeyes won in Ann Arbor. Many Hawkeye fans were in attendance for this win on a beautiful Autumn afternoon in the Big House.

Departing two hours prior to the Hawkeyes arrival at Michigan Stadium, managers, trainers, cheerleaders, video personnel and the Hawkeye Radio team left the hotel in Romulus for the game. Play by play of Hawkeye Athletics is Gary Dolphin, who was getting in some last minute preparation on the bus for the four hour broadcast with Ed Podoolak.
Outside advertising is rare in the Big House. However fans can't go far without seeing the Michigan block "M" on anything. Whether is is on beverage coolers, concession stand signage, or on pastries (as seen here) that were served in the press box.
 Much controversy took place in the renovation of Michigan Stadium. Prior to the 2010 season, suites and luxury boxes were added making for a new look of the Big House. Volunteers in the press box said there were many who did not like the athletic department messing with the look of the beloved stadium. But what was an historic stadium has turned into a facility that takes Michigan Athletics far into the future.
Michigan is proud of their history and traditions. On the West concourse banners signifying national championships are hung.
A newer tradition is one that many other schools have been doing, a "Walk" to the stadium. Michigan coaches and players take campus buses into the parking area where they unload and walk through fans to the Michigan Stadium locker rooms. Head Football Coach, Rich Rodriguez leads his team amid fans, cheerleaders and marching band members.
Michigan alum, Erik Campbell returned to Ann Arbor as a member of the Iowa coaching staff. His last year at Michigan was 2007, the same season Lloyd Carr decided to retire as head football coach. The Wide Receiver coach talks with Michigan running back coach, Fred Jackson who worked with Cambell at Michigan.

Fans begin to enter Michigan Stadium minutes prior to kick off. Downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan campus is seen over the north end of the Big House.
After the Hawkeyes took a 21-7 halftime lead, the Wolverines made a comeback, but it was too little too late. Iowa went on to win 38-28 and the players celebrated with the fans.

Night Out on the Town

With the new Big Ten divisional realignment the conference decided to place Wisconsin and Iowa in seperate divisions, which is very unfortunate. Iowa leads the series 42-41-2 and in recent years has become one of the better rivalries in the Midwest. Another reason it is unfortunate the series won't be continued is the proximity of the two schools to one another and the love each fan base has to travel a short three hours to watch their beloved team play. This is the last time the Hawkeyes and Badgers will play until at least 2013, and this year's game is in Iowa City. This means the black and gold fans will not be able to eat at one of the Big Ten favorite diners, Mickies Dairy Bar.

If you have spent time in Iowa City imagine Mickies to be the Madison version of the Hamburg Inn #2. Mickies Dairy Bar is known for its breakfasts and shakes. Of course a dairy bar in the state of Wisconsin better have good dairy and Mickies doesn't disappoint. It is a must when visiting the restaurant across the street from Camp Randall Stadium.
But the best part of Mickies Dairy Bar are the breakfasts, which are served while they are open. Above is the signature scrambler served wtih an assortment of vegetables, meats, Wisconsin cheddar cheese, eggs and "Yanks," their version of potatoes. Of course it is served with toast and gravy. If you have a cardiologist, it is best you bring the doctor along--although any doctor will deter you from ordering this. To finish this mammoth breakfast one must either be very hungry or very hungover, as it is typical that this little diner is packed with UW students on a Sunday morning after the State Street bars close.
Mickies was featured on Discover Wisconsin's special on Diners, Drive Ins and Dairy Bars. It was shot on the day the Hawkeyes played at Wisconsin in 2009. Notice the number wearing black and gold inside. Hawkeye fans know good food and where to find it.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Iowa City Race for the Schools

In what has become an annual race in Iowa City, the Race for the Schools includes a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and variety of fun runs to raise money for the Iowa City School Systems.

The course winds through downtown Iowa City into the nearby residential neighborhoods. Runners of all ages and abilities hit the streets whether with their legs, in strollers, or as one little boy did, on a scooter.

My wife and son took part in the 5K and each finished under 40 minutes, their first race of this length ever.

Along the route, someone had the opportunity to put his shades on and finish in style.

Hail to the Victors

Attending a game at Michigan Stadium, "Hail to the Victors" is the Wolverine Fight Song that gets played over and over. It is played so frequently that a fan can't remember any other songs being played by the band (however on this Saturday their halftime show was a salute to the Peace Corps....-Weak). It is one of the more recognizable fight songs in college athletics and synonymous with college football.

Michigan's Team Entry - Touching the Banner

As a member of the football team at Michigan players run from the locker room, through the tunnel and out onto the Michigan Stadium field hitting the banner at midfield on the way to their sideline. One of the traditions in Big Ten Football, and we had the opportunity to witness it this past Saturday as the Hawkeyes handled the Maize and Blue a Homecoming defeat, 38-28.

Hawkeyes Win in Ann Arbor

A slow start, strong first half and an Iowa team that showed resolve when the Michigan Wolverines fought back in the second half yielded a Hawkeye victory, 38-28.  The Hawkeyes appeared in control during the second half, but an injury to starting Michigan quarterback Dennard Robinson brought in 2009 starter, Tate Forcier, and the Wolverines showed new life through Forcier's arm. The Hawkeyes sealed the win with a ball control drive that resulted in a field goal and a ten point lead with only minutes to go. The Iowa defense came up with an interception and the Hawkeyes only had to kill the clock for the fifth win on the season.

Next week the Hawkeyes host Wisconsin in a game televised by ABC beginning at 2:30.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Michigan Stadium Walk Thru

Iowa Football coach Kirk Ferentz walks into Michigan Stadium with legendary Hawkeye broadcaster Bob Brooks. The Hawkeyes face the Wolverines Saturday on ABC at 2:30 CT.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Drive to the National Championship in Iowa City

ESPN, partnered with Direct TV provides the Drive for the National Championship Bus. Today it stopped in Iowa City, Iowa.

The bus travels around the country covering college football. Other stops this week were Columbus, OH, Columbia, MO and following today's stop will be Lincoln, NE for this weekend's Texas - Nebraska Big XII match-up.

Coaches and players sit in the studio (see below) and are interviewed by members of the ESPN College Football Live show. Today Kirk Ferentz stepped into the seat for the interview to be seen today at 2:30 (CT).
A small studio is set up in the back with many monitors that can show the many different college football games every Saturday. A tiny remote camera faces the coach or player who sits in the gray chair below. The large monitor in the back shows playback of the interview.
A small dubbing station is set up to allow for any production needs the two-man crew may encounter.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Julian Vandervelde to Appear on ESPN College Game Day

A production crew was in Iowa City parts of the last week shooting a feature for the popular Saturday morning ESPN College Game Day on Julian Vandervelde. Vandervelde, a starting offensive lineman on the Iowa Football team, also is known for his singing talents. As a freshman he took part of a talent show put on by the Alamo Bowl, and his performance brought his own team members as well as that of the opposing Texas Longhorns to their feet. This past spring he also provided musical entertainment when the President of the United States made an appearance on the University of Iowa campus.

Vandervelde's segment is scheduled to appear around 10am.


Monday, October 11, 2010

College Football Week 6

Courtesy Dallas Observer Blogs
 Ok, let's assume these young ladies were very happy with Les Miles and the LSU Tigers after Saturday night....Is LSU the 2010 edition of the Iowa Hawkeyes?...In case you missed it over the weekend--Michigan State Coach Mark Dantonio has as many conference wins in Ann Arbor as Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez----and----Name the four coaches who have won as a visiting coach at Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State? Hayden Fry, Barry Alvarez, Glen Mason and Ron Zook.....Is Dallas the new neutral site for Big XII games? A week ago the Red River Rivalry was held at the Cotton Bowl, only to be followed up with Baylor and Texas Tech this week. At new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Arkansas and Texas A&M battled. Maybe the Big XII is looking for Jerry Jones to finance their new post-Nebraska conference.....A special shout out to the people in charge of renaming the new conference series between Iowa and Nebraska, The Farmageddon. Shirts are being printed for the inagural game. Here's hoping that the game isn't moved to black Friday .... And isn't there someone in your life you wish you could go for two against?

Finally, this tweet sparked a nerve late Saturday night:

PeteThamelNYT Pete Thamel

RT @ChrisGalippo: Football is only a game. I'm just glad I'm not 1 of those miners still trapped. Think they care bout USC-Stanford?

Pete Thamel is a well-respected college sports writer for the New York Times and his tweets have been insightful since I've been following him last season. But let's not try place the tragedy of the Chilean miners with that of a college football game in California. We are all praying for the safe return on these miners, but based on the recent news, and video coming from Chile, the miners seem to be in good spirits and are close to returning to their loved ones. And in fact they may not care about a Pac-10 battle that went down to the wire, they did care about their national team play Ukraine a month ago. Judging by the linked video, their spirits were high and health appeared good.

Football, and sport in general is only a game, but it does lift the spirits of a community, region or country. Tell the people of New Orleans that the Super Bowl was only a game. Still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina, the Saints World Championship lifted the spirits of Louisiana. Would the American hostages being held in 1980 Iran refer to the Olympic Semi-Final Hockey match-up of the USA and USSR say it was only a game? That victory provided a nation with a sense of pride it had been missing for years.

So, Mr. Thamel, the Chilean miners probably didn't care about USC - Stanford last Saturday night, but why would they? But don't dismiss Football as "only a game." And while you didn't originate the tweet, your supported it by re-tweeting it. Sport brings pride and relief like no other event in our lives.

Night Out on the Town

Some of the better served food can be found at either out of the way, dive restaurants or in small towns. Located on the square in the dutch town of Pella is the Windmill Cafe. While Pella may not be small to some of the surrounding communities, it has the small town feel with Midwestern hospitality.

Not only is the food good, but it is inexpensive. Many of the dinner entrees on the menu are less than ten dollars, and for a 1/3lb hamburger and fries the price will be less than five dollars.

The selection on the menu is diverse. Breakfast varies with the standard eggs and toast as well as pancakes and oatmeal. It is served until 3pm. Lunch not only has the many different sandwiches, but wraps, soups and salads. And dinner features many different entrees including roast beef, turkey and usual fixings.

As seen below the portions of the sandwiches aren't shy. At some restaurants in Iowa, tenderloins exceed the size of the bun, but are as thin as a piece of cardboard. At the Windmill Cafe the tenderloins not only exceed the bun, but are very thick. Definitely worth every penny.

Pella has much to offer. In May the town shuts down and celebrates its Dutch heritage in a three-day event called Tulip Time. Along with the delicious cafes and restaurants, it is also home to some of the best pastries in Iowa. No trip to Pella would be complete without a stop to Jaarsma Bakery to pick up a Dutch Letter. During Tulip Time lines extend out of this little shop down the corner, competing with VanDer Ploeg Bakery. Either place offers fantastic breads, cookies and other pastries.

Not only is it home to the annual Tulip Time in early May, but it also home to nationally ranked Central College Football. The Windmill Cafe and the assorted bakeries are not places where many would tailgate prior to a Flying Dutch football game, but it would be a good place to enjoy a good post game meal and desert.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jif and the Choosy Mothers

Who says you can't go home. On Saturday night a reunion took place at the Chrome Horse Saloon in Cedar Rapids of more than just a band. The popular KRNA morning personalities of "Those Guys in the Morning" formed a band in the 1990s and came together after a long hiatus for a one-time performance. "Those Guys," Mark Vos and Glenn Gardner still headlined the group, but this time took on a new feel as it was the new popular morning duo of KZIA who put the band back together and performed with them on the night.

But it wasn't only a reunion of a band that took place, but the return of music from a generation who may not listen to the popular format of KZIA, and it was the return of many familiar radio personalities whom the many in the crowd listened to years ago. The music list included many hits from the time "Those Guys" were popular in Eastern Iowa, ZZ Top, Blonde, DeadEye Dick, and it had the fans on their feet dancing and screaming for more.

The radio personalities transcended different periods of radio since the 80s and showed a camaraderie that many wouldn't expect as they battled for ratings on each of their own stations. KZIA's own morning crew of Schulte and Swann were very involved throughout the night. Scott McGill of Scott, Mark and Cecily from KKRQ in Iowa City joined the band for one song while Tommy Lang (former KRNA and currently KCJJ) and Ted Burton Jacobson from KKRQ also could be seen within the crowd.
An off-week in the Iowa Football schedule allowed my wife and I to attend the one-time event, and Jif recognized the bye week with a salute to the football team.
But it wouldn't be complete without the unofficial song of Iowa Athletics, "In Heaven There is no Beer."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Night Out on the Town - High Life Lounge

Those who regularly follow the Night Out on the Town feature on Engy's will remember the High Life Lounge in Des Moines being featured. Wednesday night it was also featured among other restaurants on The Travel Channel's "Man v Food."

"Man v Food" is a series that places the host in locally-known restaurant that features an item on the menu that is a challenge to be eaten within a certain time period. On this show that restaurant was "Jethros," nearby the Drake University campus. But the High Life Lounge was also featured for its many delicacies. Above is a clip from the show featuring the High Life Lounge.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gary and Ed 4th Qtr of Iowa - Penn State

I had the opportunity to place my flip camera in the Learfield Radio Booth of Gary Dolphin and Ed Podolak. This is a clip from the 2010 Iowa - Penn State football game. A special thanks to Gary and Ed as well as Hawkeye Sports Properties.

College Football Week 5

As Iowa takes a week off from the regular season schedule, we will depart from the regular routine. Instead of our weekly picture of our sideline favorites, we went with pictures of those working in the fields to feed the world....Sitting around the hotel allows me the opportunity to watch a few games. However I was disappointed to see ESPN2 pre-empt the Miami (Fla) - Clemson game in lieu of soccer. Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated said it correctly in a tweet, "we only care about this sport once every four years."..... Georgia and Colorado would be considered a match-up of two of the naton's premier programs, if this was the early 1990s. Now it is a contest of two programs that continue to fall (and in Colorado's case, free fall) out of the nation's elite. .... Oregon proved it is worthy of being ranked ahead of Boise State after a sound win over #9 Stanford. The Ducks have an offense that is hard to stopped, but wouldn't it be interesting to see what it could do against the #1 Defense in America?... Although it has only been one week, the Big Ten is beginning to show who the elite is, and who falls behind them. Ohio State remains unbeated, and highly ranked. Iowa defeated Penn State by the same score that Alabama did. Michigan and Michigan State will fight it out this week to place themselves in the position of being amond the conference's elite... And LSU's Les Miles did better than purchasing the winning lottery ticket Saturday night. A counting error by Tennessee saved the Tigers and Miles giving them an extra play, eventually giving them the win. LSU fans won't tolerate many more clock issues...

Night Out on the Town

One of the older and most well-known establishments in downtown Iowa City, The Airliner is one of the more popular places for co-eds and alums to visit.

Although the Airliner has changed hands over the years, it is still known for one thing, its pizza. Deep dish and thin crust, it doesn't matter, the pizza has been a staple of the Airliner since its inception, and its good. We should know, they are quick to deliver to Iowa Football on a Friday afternoon.

Stories abound about the popularity of the downtown restaurant. One of the better is that of Tom Brokaw hanging out there while attending Iowa. Brokaw didn't graduate from this University, but as the story goes, treated it as a second home with many of his friends he met at school.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hawkeyes over Penn State

The Iowa Hawkeyes opened Big Ten play in winning style with a 24-3 victory over Penn State. The third year in a row the Nittany Lions have fallen to the Hawkeyes. A year ago Penn State's Beaver Stadium was the White House as all fans were encouraged to wear white, but this year the Kinnick Stadium faithful mixed it up a bit by alternating the sections with black and gold attire.

It was the last game of Iowa's first half schedule, who close it at 4-1. They welcome a bye this week and then have seven consecutive Big Ten games.