Wednesday, April 29, 2009

DSM Mini Clinic

Anually members of the Iowa Football Staff travel to Des Moines for a mini-clinic for local coaches. This is the tenth year travelling around Iowa. Past years have seen stops at Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Chicago, Davenport, Cedar Rapids as well as Des Moines. On this night offensive line coach Reese Morgan, defensive coordinator Norm Parker and strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle presented.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

River Run

River Fest is the annual spring festival at the University of Iowa. Along with activities such as Art Fair and games for the U of I students is River Run. This is the 30th year for the race which includes a 5K and 10K. This was my fourth or fifth year to participate and the second straight in which I did the 5K. Not a personal record, but I did finish unofficially in 24:20. This was the first year Chip timing was involved, and my first experience with it. Official times will be announced later today.

See if fyou can find me among the fnishers

Another event that coincides with River Fest is the Old Capital Criterium. Here participants practice the course.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Skippin' Class

A beautiful 80 degree on the Iowa Campus. The best day Iowa City has seen in 2009 and it coincides with the annual RiverFest celebration. Overheard while walking on campus was one college co-ed who was playing frisbee--"Dude, I'm skipping class. It is too nice."

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Football's Softball Tourney

At the end of spring football is the annual softball tournament pitting class against class as well with the winner taking on the coaching staff. This is followed by a team bar-b-q.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coralville Fire Dept Pancake Breakfast

Every year the Coralville Fire Department holds a fund-raising pancake breakfast. It is free-will offering, but it is disappointing to see those who also think it is free food. Colin enjoys his pancakes and his fire trucks.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Game

Images from the last day of Spring Practice, formerly known as the Iowa Spring Game.

The 2009 Iowa Football Video Staff. Jordan O'Brion, Kyle Yoder, Erick Tjarks, and Alec Johnson

Family and media are the only ones allowed into this scrimmage.

The annual picnic with families concludes the day's activities.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Equipment Sale

Fans are lining up for the Iowa Football equipment sale set to begin in hours. What started out as one individual in a lawn chair at 9:30 this morning has turned into a line thirty deep. Items such as sweats, helmets, shirts, and other clothes are available.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kindergarten Round Up

Colin and neighbor Ann both attended Kindergarten Round Up at Wickham Elementary school. C got off to a slow start in this adjustment period.

Final Home Opener--Yankee Stadium

Today marks the last home opener of any MLB team. Fittingly it is the New York Yankees and the unveiling of New Yankee Stadium. This photo comes from a game in the old park with the Cubs. It was on this warm June evening, my first and only experience to the one time shrine, occurred the press conference to announce the move across the street.

Boom! He's Retiring.

The NFL sure has a way to continuously find stories to keep them on the front page.

Recently announced, John Madden is retiring from broadcasting.
Lost Update from April 15.

Practice 13 Under the Lights

Practice 13 is complete as this one went under the lights. The second of the spring practice session. Here Head Coach Kirk Ferentz addresses the team at the end, prior to midnight.
Now it is time to catch up on tonight's Lost episode.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's Official--Three Night Games

(Doesn't that grass look great)

The Big Ten announced today three Iowa Football games will begin under the lights. Rematch of last season's upset of then undefeated Penn State will begin at 8pm (et) on ABC / ESPN in State College. The Hawkeye's Homecoming game with Michigan will also appear on ABC / ESPN beginning at 7pm (ct). Iowa's lone evening appearance on the Big Ten Network will be at East Lansing for the battle with Michigan State.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Play Ball

There is nothing quite like an afternoon game on Chicago's North Side. Today is the home opener for the defending National Legue Central Division Champions. This would have been the ideal day to take my father to Wrigley Field. There is nothing I would've enjoyed more than to take him to opening day on his birthday. Today the Cubs open up with Colorado, the last team my dad and I saw together play the Cubs at Wrigley.

PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Faithful readers to this blog know about our trip to this stadium already. As it was on this night, Houston is today's opponent.

Definitely a true pleasure to visit this historic Stadium. Dodger Stadium, nestled into Chavez Ravine, is one of the ballparks I remember watching post-season baseball growing up. Sitting here this May evening, it had the feel of October ball. Temperatures dropped into the 50s and you could sense what it would be like to play baseball here in the post-season. Long-time Dodger rival, the Giants open up the '09 campaign in L.A.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Colin celebrates Easter by going on an Easter Egg Hunt in Grandmommy's backyard. He searched alongside his cousins, Sophie and Natalie for eggs. He came out the winner. Below you will see other Easter day activities as Colin tests out his new jump rope he received from the Easter Bunny.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Artificial Gray

First Avenue Live in Cedar Rapids was the place Arificial Gray, a band which includes assistant Iowa Football Trainer Tad Leusch on drums, debuted. AG opened for heavy metal rock Band Inch 75 by playing songs by groups such as Three Doors Down and Nickleback.
My wife and I both walked out fans. The forty-five minute set left us wanting more. However the Cedar Rapids roller derby ladies who appeared for the next act scared us away at the end. AG has a few stops planned in the future. Check out for more information.

Saturday Scrimmage

An old face returned to Iowa Football, while a familar name to those who follow professional football appeared at practice in his new job. Ed Podolak, fresh off the news of his return to the broadcast booth, joined Gary Dolphin prior to a scheduled press conference for Iowa's Spring Drills.

Former NFL official and new head of Big Ten officiating, Bill Carolla attended as officials from the midwest worked the scrimmage. Individuals who have officiated some Big Ten game, but aren't full-time to the conference got some much needed experience.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Opening Day at Miller Park

One of my favorite pictures when Colin was just over a year old. Here he takes in his second of two MLB games in as many days. The day before he was at Wrigley Field, this night at Miller Park watching the Brew Crew take on the Atros. It was also at a time where he was interested in walking. Luckily there was an empty seat near us and he made his way around peanut shells and his baby bag. Highlight of the night was, of course, the Sausage Race.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Practice Under the Lights

One of the few times ever during spring practice, number 10 was under the lights. A start time of 9:15 allowed the Hawkeyes the opportunity to get a feel for potential game-like conditions in the fall. Ironically, this night's practice may have had the best weather of any this spring.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He's Back

It was announced today Ed Podolak will come out of retirement and re-join Gary Dolphin in the Iowa Football Radio Booth.

It is good to see #14 straighten himself out and agree to the terms set by the Iowa administration and Learfield Communications. Podolak will definitely be tested this season, but knowing how dedicated he was to returning to the booth and correcting his ways, hopefully Iowa fans will be supportive and not distracting to keeping him on the straight and narrow.
Lost Update April 8, 2009.


Occasionally during spring football, we are visited by coaches from all different levels and areas. But this spring Head Coach Atsushi Saijyo of Osaka Sangyo University Football Team of Osaka, Japan has brought a couple of his players with him to sit in on spring drills. Shown here with interpreter Reiko Fullard (wife of former Iowa Basketball player Ken Fullard) Saijyo will sit in on coaches meetings and practice to learn more of how to play the Iowa way. They will be here through the end of spring practice.

Monday, April 6, 2009

John Wooden

Had to post this ad. Colin's Grandmommy gave me this poem that John Wooden wrote and it has been posted on our refridgerator. John Wooden is arguably the greatest college basketball coach of all-time. No one has matched his championship win total and with this philosophy, you see why he has had his success.

Play Ball

Opening Day in Major League Baseball. The Cubs are in first place, for today, and all fans dream of post-season baseball in their parks. Starting today I will post photos I have taken of ballparks where teams are opening at home.

Busch Stadium, home of the Stl Cardinals. Colin and I took friend Scott to see the Brewers play during the 2008 season. Today the Cardinals lost to the Pirates 6-4.

PetCo Park, home of the San Diego Padres. These seats were courtesy of Nate Kaeding. The Padres opened up against the Dodgers and dropped the season opener, 4-1.

The Ballpark at Arlington. This has been a few years, but one of the rare afternoon games of the Texas Rangers. Cleveland was the opening opponent and lost to the Rangers 8-1.

The Metrodome. The final year that it will host the Minnesota Twins. Of course the above picture was taken during the Iowa - Minnesota game of 2008, but my trips to see the Twins pre-dates affordable digital cameras. The Twins dropped its last home indoor opener to Seattle, 6-1.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Practice Goes Inside

Practice 8 moved inside due to the anticipation of inclement weather. The University of Iowa is one of few schools with an indoor facility which contains a regulation football field.


One of Colin's favorite places clashed with one of Colin's favorite activities on this Sunday. The Coralville Public Library hosted an indoor miniature golf tournament to raise money. Holes were sponsored by many different local companies, and they manuevered through the dewey decimal system.

Here Colin tees off on the 13th, par 4 dogleg right. Sponsored by the Coralville Marriott. Many holes had prizes including tooth brushes, tees, and sunscreen.

Colin taps in for "par" as he finishes his round. Popcorn was provided at the 19th hole, although Dad was looking for his regular beverage.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Practice #6

Spring Practice #6 brought some familiar faces to Iowa Football

Colin is waiting for the next drive to drop from the shooting towers. He was excited to ride with John Streif and deliver them to his dad.
Big Ten Network personality Gerry DiNardo visits for a special later on the channel.

Former Hawkeyes Robert Gallery and LeVar Woods. Gallery currently plays for the Oakland Raiders and former NFL player Woods is now on the Iowa staff.

The Grass is Gone

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guys Night Out

The International House of Pancakes located next to the tracks of the Hawkeye Express is a favorite of the "C-Man," and where we headed to for dinner. Pancakes were enjoyed by each of us as mom had a meeting to attend to.
Probably won't be part of our feature in the fall, "Night Out on the Town," but IHOP is a favorite of this little boy. To express his satisfaction on the way home Colin said, "Daddy, I want to keep you for ever and ever and ever and ever and ever." Asked why his response was, "Cause I love you." Definitely made Dad extremely happy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lost Update April 1.

25 Tips for Effective Leaders

This is written by former president of CBS Sports, Neal Pilson.
  1. Be on Time. Woody Allen should have said, "90 percent of life is showing up...on time." In fact, it doesn't hurt to be early.
  2. Return calls, emails and letters as promptly as possible. If you don't have an answer or a response at the time, acknowledge receipt and say you will get back soon or by a certain date.
  3. Send thank you, congratulatory and condolence notes. Be solicitous, caring and thoughtful with your staff. Remember birthdays.
  4. Be sure every meeting ends with a "next steps" discussion. Far too often, meeting participants will exit without a clear understanding of what was decided, what is expected of them and what is the timetable for further action.
  5. Avoid personal criticisms, sarcasm, snide remarks and put-down humor. In fact, never make comments or jokes about race, gender, sexual preference, religious affiliation, physical attributes, etc. It makes you look small, but even worse, it can get you sued and fired. But, genuine humor is a great gift and a very important personal attribute. Most leaders have a good sense of humor and can laugh at themselves.
  6. Try not to choose sides in office politics, and avoid gossiping about other employees. Every email, letter or written document you send out has potential legal (and very damaging) consequences for you and your company. Don't hit that "send" key without a sober and thorough review of what you have just written. Take particular care with BlackBerry transmissions, which often get less thought and study than e-mails you send from your laptop.
  7. Be honest and truthful at all times but know when to be circumspect or silent. Candor is not always appreciated nor the right response in every situation. You don't tell a mother her baby is ugly.
  8. Respect confidences and don't share office information outside the workplace.
  9. Do not criticize staff in front of their peers but do discuss mistakes and errors directly with the individual, in private.
  10. Picture phones, e-mail and BalckBerrys have eliminated privacy even if you are 5,000 miles from home or office. Need proof? Ask Michael Phelps.
  11. Keep the door to you office open when you are alone and not on a confidential call. Don't wall yourself off. Encourage your staff to come in and talk.
  12. Circulate around the office floor. visit and talk to your employees on their turf. Take your staff members to lunch from time to time or buy the pizza for staff lunch meetings.
  13. Control your own schedule. Don't allow your secretary, assistant or staff to book or commit you to meetings, travel or lunch dates without your prior knowledge and approval. Your time is your most valuable asset and you have the decide where you are going to be and when you are going to be there.
  14. A good leader has a totally correct, accurate and responsible resume.
  15. Dress the part. Not necessarily suit and tie, but smart casual if that's the office standard.
  16. Practice using the term "we" when discussing your company's prior successes or future plans. Too many leaders talk about their business in the first person, such as "I made a great deal," when it sounds much better (and is usually more accurate) to say, "We made a great deal."
  17. Welcome and be respectful of staff suggestions, comments and criticisms. Solicit and embrace new, over-the-top, out-of-the-box thinking from your staff even if most novel ideas do not survive the light of day. The few that do could advance their (and your) career.
  18. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologize and move on. Expect the same from your staff. But, discuss and evaluate mistakes (yours and theirs) to learn from them and not repeat them.
  19. E-mails contain paper trails; never forward an e-mail until you check to see what is attached. Bear in mind that negative or off-color comments you make in an e-mail live forever and can inadvertently be sent along to third parties. Also, never, ever, leave a nasty or hostile phone message.
  20. Don't party hard. Leaders don't do that. Stay out of the strip clubs at 3 a.m. (or at any time) and far away from any potentially compromising situations. Always, always, be in full control of yourself, and be wary of fellow staff members ho get out of control.
  21. Be available at all times. 24/7, for important matters. Leaders do not take weekends, holidays or vacations like normal people. Almost all leaders are on the job all the time. If you are really going to inaccessible, be sure to designate and authorize you senior staff to handle emergencies.
  22. When you delegate responsibility, it's not unfair to expect your staff will make the right decision. Nor is it unfair to expect that if a staff member brings you a problem, he/she will also bring you a suggested solution.
  23. Saying, "Let me think about this. I will get back to you shortly" is a perfectly appropriate response in almost all situations including (especially) very important negotiations.
  24. Lead, follow or get out of the way. this may surprise you, but good leaders are good followers as well. In every sports organization, there is the supreme leader (the CEO, commissioner, owner, etc.) and there are subordinate leaders who run divisions and units within the larger entity. Those leaders must support and implement the decisions of the supreme leader or else the entity becomes dysfunctional. There are some remarkable similarities between the military and large sports entities.
  25. Be yourself at all times. Don't have one personality with your superiors and another with your subordinates.

Spring Practice #5

Images of Spring Practice Day 5. Today marks the end of the first third of drills. The weather cooperated for a beautiful day in Iowa City.

April Fools Day

Who better to use on April Fools Day than the original Joker, Cesar Romero of the television show Batman. This is a great day as people need to laugh and I'm having a ball in the football office. Hook, Line and Sinker with many on the joke played today. The economy isn't funny, but it can be used for a few laughs.

However this tidbit from the University of San Diego is not funny.