Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rays v Mets

The Coralville Rays continued their season short-handed Thursday night taking on the cross-town rival Mets. Short three of their every day players who were on vacation, the Rays were able to take advantage of many scoring opportunities while doing their best to cover as much territory as possible while in the field.

The game with the Mets was the longest of the season lasting four innings, with the final one played entirely off the tee.

Being down three players it gave the Rays the opportunity to cover more territory, and the additional inning gave the Rays ample experience at many different positions.

During the game in a collision at home plate, Tony, the final batter and clean up hitter for the Rays, needed to be taken to the concession stand for precautionary checks along-side his mother. Tony didn't return to actions, but was able to join the Rays in congratulating their opponent.

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