Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Coaches Convention

Four days of reunions, interviews, and learning concluded in San Antonio. The American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) closed its doors on another successful run and looks forward to doing it again next year from Nashville, TN.

The convention brings coaches from the high school to college level together for breakout sessions of X's and O's as well as honoring those who have served young student-athletes over the years. A ballroom of vendors from Nike and XOS Digital on down to the numerous nutrition companies attract the many coaches looking to make a deal.
But the most important reason to attend this convention for most young coaches is to gain employment on a football staff. Above portable bulletin boards are covered with resumes of these young and upcoming coaches who hope that someone stops to look at their qualifications. The lobby area of the convention center and hotels are covered with these same individuals who are anxious to make a first impression. But the same can be said for older, more mature coaches. Those who may have been on a recently released staff are also on the lookout for their next employment. They, too are also shaking hands and introducing themselves to potential employers.

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