Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Ten Video Meetings

The annual meeting of Big Ten Video Coordinators is coming to a close in Indianapolis. The biggest news coming from the two day event is the passing of HD video as the approved format for origination and exchange among conference members. On a vote of 11-0 (Northwestern absent from the meeting) sent the rules and resolution to the Big Ten Conference office for ratification in the Game Management Manual.

In 2011, five Big Ten teams made the jump to HD. Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska and Wisconsin provided HD content for their coaches for all 13 games, while Penn State joined half way through. HD was important for video quality as well as video file size as its mp4 1080i 6Mb solution was much smaller than the DV25 Standard Definition format. This allows for quickly exchanging video files while taking up less space on a network server.

HD is also being presented in the NFL. However they are considering 720p 8Mb, a standard encouraged by NFL Films. That vote will take place this week prior to the NFL Combine.

Along with the HD discussion Sony, Panasonic, Dragon Fly Athletics, DVSport and XOS Digital presented solutions to aide in making the jump to HD.

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