Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vid Staff Reunion

Having many vid staffers come through in my twenty plus years with the Iowa Football program I'm not sure I could find four guys who became closer friends being part of the staff than the four pictured. Michael Witt, Kyle Yoder, Erick Tjarks and Derek Ambrose have all gone their separate ways since 2010, but all remain good friends to this day. Michael and Derek knew each other in college and shared their love for Iowa Football. Michael started out as a volunteer and earned a spot when one opened. At the same time, he recommended his friend Derek for a position. Kyle and Erick came from different Iowa small towns but were members of the staff in 2009.

Definitely one of the more cohesive and dependable groups I've had at Iowa, they continue to remain close friends. Often I see tweets and Facebook postings going from one to another. Kyle now lives and works in Atlanta. Erick has moved to a Chicago suburb. Michael graduated in May and lives in Iowa. Derek and his overall bibs continue to hang around Iowa City as he finishes up school with a December graduation. He also assists this year's video staff a couple of days a week.

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