Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sittin' In the Prinicpal's Office

Spring Training was everything I was hoping for it to be. I enjoyed weeing major league teams as up close and personal as I would their minor league affiliates. And although this Cub fan enjoyed watching his team train in Arizona like my father had always wanted to do, a favorite memory is watching the Dodgers play the Angels. Two Southern California teams re-igniting a freeway rivalry creating an opportunity that doesn't come often for this Midwesterner....As you can see from the adjacent picture, there is nothing like a Father and Son attending a baseball game together.....Of course Ronnie Woo Woo finds his way to HoHoKam. I have pictures of that as well......Growing up in Iowa and cheering for both the Hawkeyes and Drake Bulldogs the Northern Iowa Panthers has never been a team I've had a liking for. But how could any Iowan not be excited for what the basketball team did recently in upsetting number one ranked Kansas Jayhawks. The Missouri Valley has always been an underrated basketball conference. No matter if it has been Indiana State, Bradley, Southern Illinois, Creighton and most recently Drake, the conference has provided some very memorable games. While labled a "mid-major," there is nothing minor about the quality and consistency of play in the MVC.....

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