Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break - Las Vegas

In a change of pace my wife and I decided to spend a few days away, leaving the darling little child at home with the grandparents. We decided to break up the trip into two parts. The first began with a weekend in Las Vegas.
Not only was it our spring break trip, but it was the spring break trip for many college students throughout the county. Recent statistics show that Las Vegas is the number one destination by students for spring break. They blended in with the regular tourists.

Temperatures were beginning to warm up. Our first night was the last cool evening before temperatures warmed up into the 70s. Even though the wind cooled things off, the sun continued to shine brightly and warmly.
A favorite stop of my wife's was the Bellagio Hotel. Adjacent to the hotel's registration area was a miniature botanical center. Flowers and giant displays were delicately cared for. I compared it to the hotel capturing one of the floats from Pasadena's Tournament of Roses Parade and setting it up for the Vegas tourists to see.

No need to worry. The Giant ant is a metal statue, not real. My wife is not its awaiting prey.

We knew our son Colin would be jealous to know we got to ride the Vegas tram which connects the Bellagio to the Monte Carlo with stops at the new City Center along the way. This was a terrific way to manuever the Vegas Strip as it was free and shortened the walk.

We also knew Colin would be jealous to know we met the M&Ms. One of the specialty stores on the strip is the M&M Shop. Four floors of everything that is chocolate.

Vegas is full of fantasy. It allows you to be someone different or be somewhere different. The resorts on the strip can take you back in time or transport you to various destinations. Above is the replica of the Arc de Triumph and below is the Eifel Tower. Both originals are in Paris, France, but these miniatures give the Paris Hotel and Casino their European feel. Inside food, drink and accomodations are Paris-like.

Las Vegas is known to constantly re-invent itself. The newest spots on the strip is City Center and the newest hotel and casino on the strip. Centered in the photo is Aria and it is as glamorous as this picture illustrates.
Not only can you have the feel of Paris, but you can get the feel of the Big Apple, but in a very miniature fashion at New York New York. Inside is a smaller Times Square, Harlem and the different boroughs of Manhattan. Outside is the skyline as well as the Statue of Liberty.

The MGM Grand was our home for the weekend. The MGM has been home to many of boxing greatest title fights, concerts and future home to the Country Music Awards Show. It also has some of the best dining, gaming and nightlife on the strip. My wife's request was to eat at Emeril's restaurant inside and the meal didn't disappoint.

Las Vegas is also known for its different styles of gambling. Slots, tables and sports books are found in may of the hotels. Various odds found were the following: Cubs to win the World Series, 5-1. Green Bay to win the Super Bowl, 7-1. Zach Johnson to win the Masters, 22-1. Iowa to win the BCS, 20-1. Of course this information is for entertainment purposes ONLY.

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