Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Ten Division

If the chatter on Twitter is any indication, by the end of Wednesday night we will know how the new Big Ten will be divided. Rumors have been circulating with different scenarios, with many splitting up rivalries, or adjusting the way they are played. It hasn't been an easy job deciding up who goes where, but we will finally have closure to the issue allowing us to move on. So for one last time, an attempt as to how the divisions will be set up:

Great Lakes-Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana

Heartland - Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois

First, I know Iowa doesn't border a Great Lake, but it will be still called the Big Ten with 12 members. More evidence we don't care about the labeling. Second, there are some scenarios I see happening. The most natural rival with Nebraska will be Iowa. Penn State has a similar relationship with Ohio State. Geography will play a role in keeping those teams together as I don't see any benefits of pairing Penn State with Nebraska. Iowa's border / trophy rivalries will take a hit. Wisconsin and Minnesota has the longest rivalry in Division I football. The Big Ten won't jeopardize that. It is sad Floyd of Rosedale will not be played for annually, but Minnesota and Michigan will also not play for the Old Brown Jug on a yearly basis.

There are a couple of rivalries kept intact. The Little Brown Jug, which is played for between Indiana and Purdue will continue as well as the Land of Lincoln Trophy between Northwestern and Illinois. All four of these programs have the least football tradition and it is important they continue to fight for them.

Alright, there are my last thoughts on the issue before the conference announces their decision. Do you agree? How do you think it will be broken down?

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