Friday, August 6, 2010

Iowa Football Media Day 2010

August 6th was the annual Media Day at the University of Iowa Football Complex. This is the day that anyone and everyone from the media gets their time with the Iowa Football players and coaches. After today the opportunities are fewer and it comes by request. Tuesdays throughout the season is the Kirk Ferentz press conference with requested upper classmen afterwards. Then following the game the same applies - Ferentz and requested upper classmen.
Although the Iowa head coach spends over thirty minutes answering questions to the media as a whole, following the press conference he is available for individual members of the media.
A popular subject for the local media is the play of the defense. Des Moines Register sportswriter Sean Keeler meets with secondary coach, Phil Parker.
And the head of that defense is the coordinator Norm Parker. Here Norm takes it easy and answers questions from his golf cart.
Following the interview session players, coaches and staff members head to Kinnick Stadium for the taking of the team photo. Above is a view of what it feels like to be in the picture....
...and a look at what the final product looks like. Below are a few of the sights and sounds of the interview session at the Kenyon Practice Complex.(photo courtesy Michael Witt)

A video look at today's Iowa Football Media Day

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