Thursday, December 23, 2010

Player Hospitality

As with all of the bowl games, the Insight  provides entertainment for the players in and out of the hotel. Being secluded on an Indian reservation, the bowl has many shuttle vans lined up ready to take the Hawkeye Football players anywhere around the greater Tempe area. Malls have been popular destinations as well as local restaurants and entertainment complexes. But within the hotel the Player Hospitality room has been a popular destination.

Volunteers of the Insight Bowl are staffed throughout the time the Hawkeyes are at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass. Games, computers and snacks are plentiful as many of these volunteers participate with the team.
 Whether it is "pop-a-shot," various PS3 games or board games, the players have stayed up to curfew competing with one another. Above freshman, James Morris strategically makes his move in Connect 4....
...and Junior Tyler Sash flexes for the camera as he waiting his turn in a friendly game of billiards. The Insight Bowl then provides the team an approved snack before heading to bed for the night.

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