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Big Ten Video Meeting 2011

Big Ten Video Meeting 2011
Big Ten Video Meeting 2011,
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Early this week the video coordinators of the Big Ten football teams met in Indianapolis for their annual meetings. For the past three years these meetings have been held in the heart of Indiana to coincide with the meetings of the NFL Video Directors prior to their work in the NFL combine.

This year's meeting had much to do with the conference's move to the acquisition, playback and exchange of HD video and ensuring all parties included are working together to make sure it happens. It is important for Sony and Panasonic to have the equipment to acquire and playback a suitable format for the editing companies of XOS Digital and DVSport to network for the coaching community. Dragon Fly is the preferred method of internet exchange, and their role is critical in having the video travel among member schools quickly and maintaining quality.

Folowing the conference meeting, myself, Rob Porteus of Wisconsin and Erik Knuttu of Syracuse (representing the national Collegiate Sports Video Association) addressed the NFL Video Directors with an update of HD and the status of the national organization. The NFL is beginning their discussion of HD and is currently relying on the progress of the colleges. The pending CBA between owners and players has delayed the HD movement.

Along with the HD discussion, the college video coordinators had the opportunity to tour Lucas Oil Field, the 2011 home of the Big Ten Championship game.

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