Thursday, February 24, 2011

NFL Video Directors

Experienced video directors have seen their profession evolve over the years. It began with film, moved to tape and is now in its digital non-linear form. One person who saw this transformation was recently honored by his peers in Indianapolis. Al Treml, formerly of Green Bay,  was brought back to the NFL Video Director's meetings to reminisce and be honored by his peers.

Treml make a point to remember all of the video coordinators who have passed on since he left the Packers.Going name by name, Treml encouraged his peers to provide stories along with those he brought along.

One story Al shared was his trips to Chicago's Wrigley Field where the Bears called home for many years. The friendly confines was a baseball park, but adjusted to the football dimensions. There was no true sideline shot, and after possessions, Al would have to drop his camera a few feet in order to get a shot of the scoreboard. The process in getting to the sideline platform was difficult. In the upper deck, Al would climb a ladder placed on a post behind a fan's seat. Once he made his way to the platform, he would need to raise his camera by a pulley system from the stands below. The platform was narrow and messy. Other than the time the "film" guy occupied the area, pidgeons would call it home, leaving an inch of droppings for Al to deal with.

Making sure the position of Video Coordinator isn't forgotten in the NFL, Philadelphia Eagle veteran video guy, Mike Dougherty has been working on finding a place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame for the well-respected video coordinator. The process has been a difficult one for "Doc," he felt it was important to bring Treml to Indianapolis and honor him in front of the current staff of video guys. "Doc" made sure the current crop understood the importance of their profession and to enjoy it. He went on to say how those who have come before were characters, and he encouraged all in attendance to be their own characters.

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