Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post Season Basketball

Thoughts on March Madness:
  • The NCAA made a bad decision on making every floor look the same. I threw this out on twitter and a few comments supported this. "Hard to Track Games" was commonly supported. Allow the venues that host a chance to promote their city, university or conference. And allow for some originality, not the same generic look at all sites.
  • I enjoy the upsets on Thursday and Friday, but I don't want to watch the 15 seed play the 10 seed on Saturday or Sunday. And I don't want to watch either of those teams play in the sweet sixteen. Lehigh's win over "love 'em or hate 'em" Duke was fantastic. Norfolk State's victory over Missouri will be memorable, but how exciting was the blowout on Sunday by Florida over Norfolk State?
  • There are too many post-season tournaments. There is a place for the NIT, but do we also need the CBI and CIT? There are too many bowl games, but there are also too many tournaments.
  • CBS and the family of stations that carry the NCAA tournament have found the recipe for carrying the field of 68. The only thing I don't like about it is the lateness of the Sunday games. If the NCAA truly is concerned about the "student"-athlete, then have these game end at a reasonable time allowing the players to return home and get to their morning classes. I don't understand why a game is starting near 10pm eastern time on a Sunday night.
  • ESPN could learn from CBS. The network we find the majority of our college basketball during the regular season needs to show the Women's BB tournament the way CBS does - all games need to be televised. ESPN has its flagship as well as ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPN Classic, not to mention its online ESPN3. Yet we are stuck to watching one game at a time during the women's tournament. As a Direct TV user I see multiple stations ESPN uses to show game in its entirety to fans of that team. Why not show all games on these same channels without having to pay for them.

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