Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost - The End

"The End" was the name of the final episode of "Lost." It was the end of a series, and the many lives of those aboard Flight 815, but the controversy and debate will not end. There can be many ways to interpret the last two and a half ours, and perhaps there is no right or wrong answer. But watching it provided some closure to the many characters which we grew to enjoy over the last six years.

The finale gave us one more look at some characters we haven't seen in a long time. We found closure with Shannon, a character we haven't seen since Season 1. Bennard and Rose continued to survive on an island in peace and solitude. The continued to have their ocean view along with Vincent, the dog that belonged to Walt. Penny and Desmond were re-united as well as Sun and Jin was the feel good moment of the "resurrections." But we missed Walt and Mr. Eko. Two characters the writers made us curious of, but were quickly forgotten as if their part wasn't important at all.

I was disappointed in the ending, but I felt I was let down as the time leading up to the scene in the church was next to brilliant. We were able to have closure with the characters. Although the writers didn't want us to believe the survivors of Flight 815 were in Purgatory, that is what we are led to believe. In the end, I was waiting for brilliant, but got the expected. That was my let down. A series that had brilliant writing--where you would rewind over and over again to make sure you heard them correctly--and terrific character development, the letdown came from an ending that had been predicted by many.

Some of my memorable moments from last night:
  • Kate on the name of Jack's father: "Christiant Shepherd? You're kidding, right?"
  • Ben, communicating with Lapidus who was fixing the plane: "I think they are making progress."
  • We now know Jack wasn't invincible. He, too died like the others. He just wasn't the last one.
  • Vince, symbollically representing Walt at the end.
  • In the Sideways world, Jack and Juliet, husband and wife.
  • And although I won't remember them, the Target commercials were very "Super Bowl" like.
There were many others, but every moment a couple was re-united, or had the flashbacks to life on the island made this episode special. And can you remember a series you didn't want to end, but couldn't wait to see how it ended. That was "Lost."

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And there are others linked within some of these sites. Enough reading to continue the "Lost" fix. However people, it is a tv show, and it was a great one. But some of the comments that were provided by viewers courtesy of Verizon were downright pathetic. I'm going to miss the show, too, but I do have a life away from the tv.

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