Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yankees - Reds

A good night of T Ball action for the Coralville Yankees. A week after the "Evil Empire" suffered from a loss of 6 players due to vacation, the entire team was back with the exception of one to take on the Reds.

On this night the Yankees were considered the road team and came to the plate first in each inning. Setting the tone was Abram (above) in a line up that had everyone hitting off the Tee. This made for a quick top half of each inning.
Colin (above) and Ben had the best night at the plate. Each had hits that left the infield and drove in one each time they were up.
However the real struggle came when the Yankees took the field. The manager of the Reds decided this was a "Coach - Pitch " league which slowed the game down. A pitcher who cannot pitch, throwing to kids with little hitting experience, makes for a long half an inning. Above Coach Matt instructs his players on which position to take.
Following the three-inning game, the Yankees were treated to snacks and a talk from two of Iowa Soccer's leading players from 2009. Mandy Heimann and Jackie Kaeding spent time talking about their experience in youth sports and how important it was in shaping them for the rest of their lives.

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