Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yankees - Twins

The 2010 T Ball season got underway Tuesday night as the Coralville Yankees faced the Twins. Not only was their the excitement associated with the first game - seeing their jerseys for the first time, participating in a game and not practice - but on this night they were facing some familiar 2009 teammates. Connor and John, Rockies a year ago, and classmates at Wickham were moved in the off-season. And there was an extra special feel to the season opener as it was the lone game scheduled on this prime time slot.

Being listed as the home team, the Yankees took to the field and had to rely on the fielding of Maddy, who made some outstanding plays stopping the ball before it escaped the left side of the infield.  However much of the hitting didn't get going for the Yankees until the bottom of the second as the tee was put away for many and good contact was made. Colin had two solid hits without the use of the tee.
Prior to the start of the game, the Yankees were treated by a pep talk of two local Hawkeye basketball players. Norwalk native Kelsey Cermak and prep star at local City High, Kelley Krei took time out of their busy schedule to stress the imprortance of playing organized sports at such a young age.
In the first inning, Ann covers second base for the Yankees. She took great pride in her glove matching her shorts.
After spending time behind the plate in the first, Abram moves to the shortstop position. For both Ann and Abram, this marked the first time either have played a game requiring a jersey. Pretty big news for the both of them.

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