Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When making vacation plans it is easy to overlook the best of the backyard. Over the past twenty years we have driven past Adventureland Park many times, often looking to see if the rides were going, or if the lights were lighting up the night time sky. Occasionally the thought would enter our minds of whether or not we should go, but with a wife who grew up in the shadow of Iowa's only amusement park, taking at day there was a distant thought. Now with a six year old we decided to find out how the park has changed.

Since the late 80s the park has added many rides, replaced a few and became wetter in the process. The Adventure Bay waterpark is a popular destination for people of all ages. Along with two different slide structures, it also has its system of tubes along with a lazy river and wading pool. Perhaps not where you would want to spend the entire day as you can hear every twist and turn of three roller coasters, but a great place to cool off and terrific addition to the amusement park.
But with the additions to the park remain many of the favorites that keep fans coming back. The log ride is as popular today as it was 20 years ago and attracts people of all ages. Perhaps the wettest part is the drop from the smaller slide as I sat in the front and got drenched. The large hill disperses the water much better, but is still a great option to cool off. The Raging River continues to have lines that last over an hour, and while the wait may not be worth it, the ride is still a great way to get wet. Frantic Freeway is also as fun as the newer roller coaster, the Outlaw, but the Outlaw consists of more twists and turns and the bumper car ride providing many solid, jarring hits.

Returning the Adventureland was definitely a hit of the 2010 Summer. More worth the money regarding the different options the park provides. Food isn't as pricey compared to a sporting event, and considering the 12 hour days, the friendly faces of the workers keep the day moving at a great speed.

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