Thursday, July 29, 2010

End of the T Ball Season

The Yankee T Ball season came to an end on a warm July evening. Of course in T Ball there is no score and there are no winners, but observing my team and how they compared to others, the Yankees were among the better of the Coralville Minor League. Admittedly we had an experienced team with many of the older side of the age limit. In the adjacent photo is Abram who was in his first season. Abram made great strides throughout the year. From our first practices where he didn't know many of his teammates and wasn't aware of how the game was played went on to hit the ball well as well as become a coaching favorite.

Below is Ann who, too was in her first year of T Ball, but was one of the older players on the team. Most memorably will be her response when I would ask as she came to the plate, "Whaddya' Say?" And she would belt out, "YANKEES!" She was one of two we referred to as our Blonde Bombers.

This was a great experience working with great kids and parents who supported the coaches.

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