Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yankees - Orioles

Following a week where the Yankees didn't play due to unplayable field conditions, they were back in action against the Orioles. Being the road team, the Yankees took to the Tee first. Hitting started out a little slow, but picked up in the second and third innings. Ben had a couple of nice hits back up the middle, and Madison homered in each of her at bats, clearing the bases each time.

Fielding was a bit more of a challenge on this night as the Orioles were another team that felt it was more important to be pitched to, and not hit off the tee. The Yankees found it difficult to maintain their focus while waiting for the ball to be hit. Nonetheless there was some good play in the field by Ann and Sydney. The concept of covering first by the first baseman each inning was a work in progress, but by the end of the lineup, each Yankee assigned to the bag caught on and did a fine job.

The highlight of the night was the talk of All-American Iowa Football player Adrian Clayborn. Eyes were wide as the Hawkeye Defensive Lineman spoke of his experiences.

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