Monday, March 28, 2011

Down to Four

The field of 68 is down to four. It includes a team in the First Four, a returning finalist and teams that weren't seeded any higher than 3. No number number twos....and on this Monday the talk with the national media is if this has been the best tournament, or the worst.

The last four teams earned their spots on the court, playing the hand they were dealt. The two lower seeds defeated a #1 on their way to Houston, as did a #4 seed. At this time of the year these four teams are playing their best basketball, but are they the best four teams in America?

Virginia Commonwealth and Butler earned their way to be one of the final four teams. Are they the best in the country? Perhaps, but does America want to see either of these two teams play either Kentucky or Connecticut? American loves the underdog and the success they achieve. But when Monday's Championship game comes around will college basketball fans be watching the best two teams slug it out for the title, or instead will they be watching to see if the upset can happen?

College football's BCS has its flaws. One can argue if the two teams who battle for the title are the two teams that have earned that spot. This past year Oregon played Auburn while undefeated TCU finished their season with a victory over Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. Auburn wins the title giving us two teams with zero losses. There was interest if TCU could defeat the Ducks or Tigers, but fans wanted to see Oregon and Auburn. In a one game match-up TCU could beat any of the teams from the major conferences, as has Butler and Virginia Commonwealth have done in the NCAA tournament.

As the weekend championship approaches, will we be watching the best teams in America? Or the ones that have gotten hot at the end of the year. March Madness is the most exciting three weeks of sports throughout the year, but there are flaws with its system as there are flaws with the BCS.

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