Monday, March 21, 2011

Today was Iowa's Pro Day, an event like many other schools hold throughout February and March - football players showing off their skills for NFL scouts from all 32 teams.They are tested in every way performing such drills as the 40 yd dash, three cone, and 20 yard shuttle as well as others. Many of the players try to improve their time over what they had done during the combine in Indianapolis, but this day is more important for those who weren't provided an invite in Indianapolis. This is their one chance to show the scouts they are capable of playing at the next level.

And many of the athletes who have this as their one shot to show off their skills, are preparing themselves for the opportunity to sign a free agent contract with a team, once they do not get drafted. The Hawkeyes have had good success with the those who aren't drafted, going to a team that may best suit their style. However with this year's Collective Bargaining Agreement still unresolved, and the "look" of the draft changing - the signing of free agents may not happen. In the past the Hawkeyes have had good success with walk-ons, and continuing today the scouts searched for that next diamond in the rough.

The troubles surrounding the Collective Bargaining Agreement go much deeper than having this year's rookie class not being able to wear the jacket on the NFL Draft Stage. Once the draft is over, the rush to sign free agents will not occur with the player lock out, causing players to sit and wait for their next destination. Those who are drafted will also sit and wait to begin participation with the new teams.

Teams are ready for management to put an end to the argument, with those who are playing on a regular can sit back and see what happens. There is still much work to be put into, but fans of the football teams are looking for a little from these walk ons which have been very success to most team's success.

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