Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NFL Network at the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine has always been noteworthy, but the attention that surrounds it has never been greater, and much of that is in due to the NFL Network's constant live coverage. Who would think that watching college kids run the 40 yd dash in nothing but tights would garner such an audience, but for those football fans who are looking for anything to get them from the Super Bowl to the draft can't get enough of this yearly event.

And the set up for the network is more than just a couple of cameras. Along with the multiple lenses focusing on the network talent, there are many cameras sharing the field with that of the NFL Video Directors trying to get every move, stumble, drill and catch among all of the participants over five days. The set up should be detailed as it becomes the network's studio for close to a week. Located on the lower level of Lucas Oil Stadium, the stage overlooks the playing field and platforms, monitors, white boards as well as lights constantly focus on Rich Eisen and his former football analysts.

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