Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CSVA to the Denver Broncos

As the rains continued to fall, events went on. Following a morning in Boulder, buses with video coordinators traveled to the south side of Denver to visit the Broncos facility. With the player lockout in progress, the facility was barren. Staff of the Broncos were seen throughout the complex, but players continue to be absent. Once the lockout is complete, Bronco personnel is prepared to begin the 2011 season. New gear is sitting in lockers of drafted rookies, medical staff is ready to meet the crop of players and coaches are ready to begin a new era of Denver Bronco Football.

Above is the team meeting room. The central meeting point for all Denver Football players. The facility isn't one of the newest in the NFL, but it is very practical. The video staff of the Broncos has done an outstanding job of keeping it up to date with the evolving technology.

The Bronco facility is divided into two different buildings. Offices, meeting rooms, lockers, medical, coaching staff and video are in the main building while the strength staff shares its area with the field staff. Above is one of the many editing cubicles of the video office. The advantage to this editing suite is the location it has to the practice field and how the Denver staff can work and keep an eye on what is going on outside.

Not very big, but it doesn't have to be for a roster of 45, the dining hall is the main area for all of Denver's meals. The shelves and refrigerators aren't packed at the moment, but definitely will be once players are allowed back into the complex.

One of the more popular lockers in the Denver facility belongs to Tim Tebow of the University of Florida. On this day of the tour, most of the video coordinators had their cameras out to record this bit of history.

And the meetings rooms aren't big and glamorous, but very practical when it comes down to a small team of 47. Above is the meeting room specifically designed for the quarterbacks. Rooms are built to the space needed for each position. The Denver team will carry no more than three quarterbacks once in season. The room allows for maybe two - three additional players during training camp.

Executive Vice President of Football Operations, John Elway has had a constant presence in the Mile High City for nearly thirty years. He secured one of the prime parking locations - between each building adjacent to the practice fields.

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