Monday, May 30, 2011

Tressel Leaves Ohio State

Jim Tressel walks away from Ohio State amid controversy that eventually caught up to him after not coming clean when finding out information on how some of his players were exchanging gifts for services.

Tressel has been perceived as a quiet man who did things right in the eye of the Ohio State administration and fan base. Since December of 2010 different information has been emerging about the program that shed a new light on the sweater-vest wearing head coach in Columbus.

While many around the Big Ten Conference are finding comfort in the scarlet and red occurring trouble with the NCAA, fans of the Big Ten cannot be happy with the dark cloud this has brought about the storied conference.

This should be an exciting time for the Big Ten--expansion has brought another storied program into the misnamed conference of eleven. Nebraska brings its football tradition and national recognition forming a stronger and more competitive race than those in the Midwest have seen for a while. This is what Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney was looking forward to, and the news that another tradition steeped University may be facing probation takes a little of the luster off the 2011 season.

Jim Tressel entered Columbus over a decade ago with high hopes, which he met and now leaves The Ohio State in a session of turmoil. Tressel's time can be summed up by a quote from the recent Dark Knight movie..."You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

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