Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Video Staff Golf Outing

Winning team: Rahfeldt, Bergdale, Kedley, Hayes
It was a cold, raw, damp Saturday morning, and it seemed more like the morning of an Iowa-Michigan football game in Ann Arbor, but it was the annual Iowa Video Staff Golf Outing, Picnic and Awards Banquet. Twenty participants took to the links, and this weather-shortened 9 hole event took place for the first time at the beginning of Video Appreciation Week (self proclaimed - week following Secretaries Week). As in the past, the event took place at Brown Deer Golf Course in Coralville and wet conditions, as well as frigid temperatures forced the golfers into the clubhouse earlier than expected.

Tie for first: Ambrose, Tjarks, Ehret, and Schamberger
This edition of the outing featured the most video alums. One came in from the Chicago Suburbs, another from the capital city of Des Moines, and one from local New Sharon. It also featured many graduating video staff members as this is the wrap up to a productive, but fun year. Today also gave the new staff members a chance to bond with those who shared their responsibilities in the past.
3rd place: Duncan, Engelbert, Sampson, Nielsen
And as well as video staff members playing in the outing, it is also an opportunity to give those who assist the program a chance to have fun with the crew. Lindsay Bergdale of RTL Equipment joined a foursome, as well some of his employees. It is Bergdale who provides the lifts the video crew uses to shoot practices. Along with Bergdale and his staff are some UI staffers, as well as friends and groupies of the programs.
4th place: Witte, Woody, Dils and Doehrman
Score is kept and a 18 question quiz is provided. Customary scoring is used, but each foursome is responsible for answering as many questions as possible. The number of questions correct is subtracted from the total golf score. Questions are grouped in the following: 6 - Iowa Football Trivia, 6 - Big Ten Trivia, and 6 - Iowa Video trivia. Scores are in question as the above group "called a friend" for numerous questions. Rules did not allow this, but the practice was not approved of by many.
5th place: Shoutz, Witt, Pirkl (not pictured)
A tie was had in the golf competition. The group of Rahfeldt, Bergdale, Kedley, and Hayes finished in a tie for -1 with Ambrose, Tjarks, Ehret, and Schamberger, but the winners were determined by the number of correct trivia questions. That nod went to the team led by Rahfeldt.

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