Friday, April 6, 2012

Fantasy Baseball

Another season of Major League Baseball means the start of the 3rd year of Video Guys Fantasy Baseball. This is made up of those who run the video operations for football teams around the country, and with one change since its inception, it has been the same guys since day 1. In 2010 the winner was David Blaker, who was at Wisconsin at the time. He beat Tom Shepherd (left) to win the Championship. Then in 2011, the Championship went to Tom's co-coordinator at Michigan State, Matt Harper (right). He defeated myself (middle).

Those who participate are from Michigan State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Pitt (Blaker's new school), Penn State, Arkansas, the San Francisco 49ers, and Iowa. The league is handled by CBS Sports and is played in the head to head format. This year divisions were set by the CBS site and placed the previous two winners along with myself in the same division. And Pat Foley, representing Penn State, was another play-off team in 2011 and has also been assigned to the same division. Definitely the toughest of the two.

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