Monday, April 9, 2012

BTN Chalk Talk

In the office today was a crew from the Big Ten Network (BTN). Gerry DiNardo sat down with new Iowa Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis. It is one of a series the network is offering this spring, and this installment is said to be shown during one of its football shows on Tuesday, April 17th.
Davis was no rookie in front of the cameras. And he was very comfortable with the one-time coach at Vanderbilt, LSU and Indiana in DiNardo. The two sat down for over 30 minutes discussing football and the Iowa offense, without hesitation. Yes it was all down in one take.
A few different plays were selected by Davis - run and pass - and were both discussed while watching the video as well as Davis at the white board.
And while all of the 30+ minutes will not be shown on the network - it will be edited down to a 6-8 minute package while some other outtakes will make - a favorite moment of mine was the beginning where the two veteran coaches talked about how important video is to a coaching staff and how it is used as a great teaching tool.

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