Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hawk's View

While on vacation in Wisconsin it was tough to resist playing an 18 hole, par 3 golf course with my son at Hawk's View. He has been getting into the game more and more this summer and is anxious to play different golf courses. On a day where temperatures may rise above 100 degrees it was important to get out as early as possible and this family-style course was perfect for us. Hawk's View has two courses actually, and we played Barn Hollow while the more serious player would play Coco Crossings.

When rain has been a rare commodity this summer, the staff at this Lake Geneva area club have worked hard to keep it in the fine condition it was in. Fairways were green, tee boxes were full of grass and the rough was akin to fairways of other courses' fairways who have been subjected to the sun and dry Midwestern Summer days. Many would think the par 3 course would be easier, especially if it was set up for families, but this was not the case. Distances could reach up to 200 yards and water and sand made for a challenge.
One part of the game my son looks forward to is if the golf carts have GPS units or not. Not that the distance registered makes a difference to which club he uses, he finds the technology cool. And these carts had some of the nicer units I have seen. Each hole had an overhead view show up with distances pointing out near, far and center of the green.
This covered bridge is the entrance to Hawk's View.

This will be one of the nicer courses my son and I will play together for a while. I'm anxious to try it again with him, on a day where temperatures don't reach triple digits.

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