Sunday, July 22, 2012

Watch Lists

Aren't "Watch Lists" great? It tells the public which football players are getting a look at eventual end of the year honors. I think it would mean more if the "watch lists" were released in the middle of the season as opposed to over a month before the season begins. But I guess its a way to sell magazines or attract readers to a web site.

So I announce the watch list for "Big Ten Video Coordinator of the Year." They include, but not limited to:
  • Matthew Engelbert, Iowa
  • Phil Bromley, Michigan
  • Tom Shepherd and Matt Harper, Michigan State
  • Matt Schilling, Minnesota
  • Mike Nobler, Nebraska
  • Ken Kowalski, Northwestern
  • George Anasis, Illinois
  • Joel Baron, Indiana
  • Mark Quisenberry, Ohio State
  • Jevin Stone, Penn State
  • Ryan Dale and John Sells, Purdue
  • Rob Porteus, Wisconsin
  • Jay Reid, Big Ten Office

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