Sunday, July 22, 2012

Penn State

I'm glad I took this picture during our visit in 2009. I knew of a statue but never took the time to visit it on any of our previous trips to State College. It is located on the east side of Beaver Stadium, away from the press box, but facing Mt. Nittany. was.

It was brought down today and as a State College Facebook friend said, "It is done. Media please go away and let us heal."

By the time anyone reads this the verdict will be delivered by the NCAA on what sanctions will occur the Penn State Football program. I for one have a difficulty understanding  how this is an NCAA issue. I guess this is something that they need to rule upon, but to me this is an issue that is to be tried in the State and Federal Courts of Law.

But it involves one of their member institutions and there is a need by the public and media that they need to act upon it.

Ok, again, by the time anyone reads this the actions will be imposed. There has been rumors of fines, bowl bans and scholarship reduction. Not sure how this reflects the crimes committed, but whatever. However I'll add one sanction that I haven't seen brought up. Impose a ban of games played in Beaver Stadium. Yes, make the Nittany Lions play every game on the road.

Does it justify? No, but it punishes those students who marched on campus the night Joe Paterno was fired. It punishes the fans who continue to be in denial that their legendary coach could not be a part of this. And by playing any game on the road, there cannot be over 100,000 people cheering on a team - albeit with a much different staff - that is using JoePa's memory as a rallying point.

How interesting would it be for the Nittany Lions to play at Ohio to start the season? Watch them play at Navy, in front of servicemen who know how to be true leaders. And the Penn Staters can fill Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the closest road game, and help contribute to the athletic budget of nearby Temple.

Football has been a culture that has built State College. This culture contributed to keeping the Sandusky case quiet for over 20 years. Not having a home game for a year (maybe two) would financially devastate the local area. Is it fair? Fair left State College a long time ago.

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