Monday, September 3, 2012

Night Out on the Town

Participating in four Alamo Bowls it seems that I would know most of the places to eat along the Riverwalk in San Antonio. It is one of the best bowl cities as fans rarely need a car to get anywhere. Most of the tourist spots are near the Alamo Historical Site, and this is also the same area as many hotels are restaurants. The Alamo Dome is within walking distance of this famed area. This is why San Antonio is such a great bowl city - fans of both teams mingle among themselves and it is also where the tailgating starts before fans make the walk down the road.

But if the fans don't come up from the lower Riverwalk area to higher street level they may miss a great steak dining experience. Bohanan's is more than a block or two from the main drag, but located in the theatre district of town. It is proclaimed as the second best steakhouse in Texas - which carries a great weight in such a large state - but I can't imagine how #1 could top it.
I haven't experienced many steak houses, but have visited enough to know how good Bohanan's is. At street level is the bar with a large sitting area away from the massive bar. Definitely a place for a few before and after dinner drinks. This is where the dining area starts and ends. The restaurant host greets you letting you know when your table is ready, and then escorts you up the elevator to where the massive dining room is.

It has southern hospitality written all over it. It is warm and inviting, as if you are walking into your grandparent's dining room, but the architecture is large and grand like the state you are in. The portions of food are big, as one would expect in Texas. Throughout the night I had the opportunity to experience a little bit of everything - shellfish, steak and the various fresh vegetables. It was hard for one to stand out over the other.

The staff was also great. It was an education with the different cuts of meat as well as the different well drinks that were poured. Not knowing the best wines, our waiter's recommendation matched the meal well, and was enjoyed by those who were at the table. Possibly one of the better restaurants that I, or any of my fellow video guys had ever dined at.

It is unfortunate the Big Ten is no longer affiliated with the Alamo Bowl. Aside from being in a great city, the bowl had always treated us well. But now many of my fellow co-workers and friends will not be able to share the experience that I would not soon forget.

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