Thursday, September 27, 2012

Night Out on the Town

Maybe it is because I'm still reeling from Monday night's Green Bay loss to the Seahawks that I feel compelled to list a place in the shadows of Lambeau Field. Stadium View Bar and Grill seems to me to be the largest gathering spot outside of the parking lots for tailgating before Packer games.

There isn't anything fancy to the Stadium View - it is a bar with plenty of seating, bar food and cold beers. It pretty much sums it up as fans can hang out and watch any game on the many tv sets throughout the place, or focus solely on the Packers when they are on.

But when it comes to a place to party a Green Bay victory, these is totally Wisconsin. Beer, brats and the Green Bay Packers. Just a completely fun place to hang with friends, enjoy life and celebrate.

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