Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Night Out on the Town

When dining out in Wisconsin a few things are true. The dining establishment will have good beer and it will most likely have great food. I've never met a Wisconsinite who didn't have a beer in their hand or enjoy a good meal. And little local places are easy to find the good bear and pub food. In Mt Horeb, Wisconsin the Grumpy Troll is one of those little local places.

Mt Horeb is located off Highway 151 about 30 minutes outside of Madison. This downtown spot is worth getting off the four lane highway for. The day we stopped was a Friday afternoon and sports were on the screens in the front part of the bar. The larger back area, more akin to a restaurant was closed off. But upon entering it was obvious what the Grumpy Troll was all about - beer. They have their own local brews like many towns and restaurants in Wisconsin. The one shown below is the Captain Fred. Very light and refreshing - what I prefer over many of the other flavors.
The menu consists of typical bar foods found in the Dairy State. My choice was the Bratwurst. No different than any other place in Wisconsin - good and fresh. My wife had the burger which didn't disappoint her. Of course we had to share an order of cheese curds, too. It also consists of a pizzeria, but we didn't take the time to try it out.

It is unfortunate the Hawkeyes don't consistently make the trip up 151 as this would be a great spot for the black and gold fans to stop either on the way to, or on the way home, or both.

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