Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Loading of the Equipment Truck

It all goes in here. Everything.
On Tuesday the Iowa Equipment Staff began loading a semi full of everything necessary to prepare for the 2010 Fed Ex Orange Bowl and its opponent, Georgia Tech. Video, medical, equipment, administrative, spirit squads, ticket operations, as well as personal luggage is what will be included in the back of the semi provided by Mike Riggan (Tantara Corp) and Ed Huff (North American Van Lines).

Trunk after trunk, box after box sits waiting to be the next thing to be packed. All equipment is necessary for Iowa Football to set up the Jacobson Building offices in the Fontainebleau Hotel located in Miami Beach, Florida. Ten meeting rooms, three offices and one medical facility is housed in the team hotel.
Also everything needed for practice at Barry University finds its place on the back of the semi. Once Iowa Football moves into its practice facility it consumes the entire location. One cannot assume Barry University has the necessary equipment for a Divison I BCS team, so the Iowa Equipment Staff takes everything.

Placed on the back of the semi is the Fed Ex Orange Bowl Logo. The logo for each game of Kirk Ferentz is placed on the tractor trailer.

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justin said...

super cool pictures, thanks for posting.