Friday, December 18, 2009

Wickham Holiday Party

In Iowa City it isn't correct to have a Christmas Party so I attended his "Holiday" Party at Wickham Elementary on the last day of school in December. Gifts were not exchanged (a favorite part of my elementary Christmas Parties), but students had the opportunity to participate in different activities of the holiday season.

The party was broken up into different stations and each student rotated around either to create or to play different types of games. Colin's first station was to frost, decorate and eat a sugar cookie. He took advantage of being the first one to scoop out the frosting as he enjoyed piling it on. With a little juice the cookie tasted very good.
The second station was using different materials to create a bookmark. Glitter glue and felt symbols of the season were used with Colin's sporting a snowman and plenty of glitter. From there he went to try his luck at the football throw. Nothing says the holidays more than football. By making it in a designated spot he was rewarded with a candy cane.

Then he went on to the popular holiday game, Pin the Sticker on the Reindeer's Nose. He admitted later he could see through the blindfold, yet he was very proud to hit the nose every single time.
Although I joke of his holiday party, Colin has excelled in Mrs. S's class and looks forward to going to school every day. He is excited about the weeks off over the holiday season, but we know he is going to miss his class and teacher.

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