Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Process

At this time of the year rumors are flying. Either they are about coaching changes or of what team is playing who in what bowl. I have been fortunate to live through the first set of rumors only once in my professional life and the second set has become a regularity for many years. However this time around the focus is on whether we are in the BCS and who the opponent may be.
I had a few rattled on Facebook today when I posted, "I got a call from LSU today....." Immediately I had a few wondering what I meant as well as one who didn't think that sounded good. Before too many took this post and ran to the message boards with it, I quickly pointed out that they had called for a few different reasons. Among them was to ascertain Penn State's phone number.
Since there are many scenarios with different locations and different teams it is important to make the contacts early in order to be prepared for the final announcement. LSU and I made sure our formats were compatible - which they are - and that we would trade the entire season. LSU was looking to do the same with Penn State, their possible opponents in the Capital One Bowl.
I then put a call into Boise State to find out what they are hearing as well their expectations for exchange. With one game to go their focus was on New Mexico State, but with the end of the year banquet set for Sunday, the Bronco Video Coordinator knew he needed to be prepared as well. A day earlier he fielded a call from Alabama and I'm sure he will hear from others as the week progresses.
Unless Nebraska upsets Texas, my possibilities of schools to exchange with are few, if you read the many national predictions. The teams I am seeing are Boise State, TCU, Georgia Tech and LSU. There could be others, but those reappear the most. The bowls we could face any of those teams in are Fiesta, Orange, and LSU. The Outback is still a possibility as well, but a remote one at that. All of them among the finest of the bowl lineup.
Boise State is in a different position. I was informed if they don't make the BCS their possibilities drop to the Humanitarian Bowl in their home stadium or the Emerald Bowl in San Francisco. Definitely there are perks to playing in the Big Ten.
The BCS Selection Show will be Sunday night at 7pm. We may know our status in that selective group earlier in the day when the Florida Citrus Sports Council releases their teams in the Capital One and Champs Sports Bowl. Then it becomes a wait and see for which game and the opponent. Then it is a rush to get the video in the coaches hands.

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Anonymous said...

I have Penn State's phone number... and thanks to Matt E, a great color photo of Joe Paterno and me. Thanks, Matt.