Thursday, December 31, 2009

Night Out on the Town

In the heart of Miami Beach's Art Deco district is The Clevelander, a popular hotel and nightclub. After recently going through a multi-million dollar renovation it is back and better than ever as a must stop while cruising Ocean Avenue.
During the day it is one of many hotels located on the strip, but it takes on new life as the hot sun goes down. The hotel pool transforms itself into a dance club. The lounge chairs are put away for a stage and dance floor with the daytime poolside restaurant begins turning out the coolest of beverages.
On the night my wife and I visited, the Ghosts of Gloria were performing. Playing the songs of Nickelback and Three Days Grace, it was disappointing to hear a group with a short playlist and a sound that was forgettable. But they were replaced by the house DJ and the vibe picked up with songs from the 80s to today.
Although the band was a little disappointing and not what I would expect The Clevelander to book, it didn't disappoint the night my wife and I had.

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