Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 Iowa Spring Game

The first time in two years Iowa Football hosted their last spring practice available to the public in Kinnick Stadium. A year ago the Hawkeyes weren't able to finish in front of their fan base as the Stadium was in the process of replacing its grass with new Field-turf. It was the first opportunity for the fans to see the 2010 edition and the first time many have seen the team in person since their Orange Bowl victory in January.

The parking lots were full around Kinnick Stadium. There were no other activities close to the football stadium allowing for all parking to be available for the football team. 

 On such a beautiful day, the fans were anxious to enjoy some outdoor activities. The Spring Game allowed fans to regain in-season form with their own tailgating activities.
 Not to be outdone by the nearby tailgaters, Ron Stewart is busy preparing hot dogs and brats for the many who don't have time for their own meal.
 All fans entering Kinnick Stadium were encouraged to donate one canned food item in exchange for entrance. These food options will be redistributed in May
 Not only were the fans in attendance, but Gary Dolphin painted the picture for those tuning in on the radio. Today he was joined by sideline reporter, Rob Books.
 Over 23,500 fans were estimated to be in attendance. They enjoyed one of the nicer days in Iowa City
 Colin found his way to the fourth floor. He enjoyed the view and being able to have free reign on the booth.
 The "Vidiots" of 2010. From L-R is: Alec Johnson ,Michael A. Witt, Natalie Dingmann, Erick Tjarks, and Kyle Yoder
 Following the practice members of the news media interviewed the Iowa Student - Athletes. Found in the middle of this group is starting QB, Ricky Stanzi. All media individulas had to witness the game from the sidelines, while Gary and I were one of the few on the 4th floor.
 At the conclusion of the day, players find their way into the stands to sign autographs. DJK and Stanzi were among the most popular.
Following the game, friends of the staff are allowed to enjoy a post-game buffett in the bubble. This marked the culmination to spring drills.

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