Monday, April 5, 2010

Opening Day!

Now that the Red Sox have beat the Yankees and ESPN has gotten the season underway, attention turns to Opening Day around Major League Baseball. Below are personal pictures of stadiums that get underway today.

Philadelphia Phillies (Roy Halladay) at Washington Nationals (John Leman)
Nationals Park in Washington D.C. is the scene for the defending National League Champions, Philadelphia Phillies to open up 2010. Nats Park is among the nicest, but it is definitely home to a team whose fans are just happy to have baseball in the Nation's Capitol.
Toronto Blue Jays (Shawn Marcum) at Texas Rangers (Scott Feldman)
One of the more spacious ballparks in the majors, the Ballpark at Arlington is now the older sister to Jerry's Cowboy Stadium. Every seat is a good seat, but lacks an ambience outside the stadium.
Los Angeles Dodgers (Vicente Padilla) at Pittsburgh Pirates (Zach Duke)
PNC Park in Pittsburgh is definitely the nicest stadium that doesn't have a team deserving of playing there. A beautiful view of downtown Pittsburgh beyond the outfied fence, the ballpark has many fine dining, restaurant and drinking options surrounding it.
Colorado Rockies (Ubaldo Jiminez) at Milwaukee Brewers (Yovanni Gillardo)
A look back to one of my favorite stadiums in the majors, this is County Stadium, the previous home to the Milwaukee Brewers. This was taken in the last year for the park, as you see the newer Miller Park awaiting to be opened just beyond center field. County Stadium will forever be remembered as the home for the movie, "Major Leagues." Each park has plenty of parking surrounding it allowing for the best tailgating in the majors.
Detroit Tigers (Justin Verlander) at Kansas City Royals (Zach Grenke)
Gone through some remodeling since this picture was taken in 2001, Royals Stadium is one of the nicest settings for baseball. Part of a two stadium complex, Royals Stadium shares the parking lot with Arrowhead Stadium, home of football's Kansas City Chiefs. The home to the Royals allows the best ticket prices to bring the home family of any park in the league. They, too just need a team worthy of its existence.

Of course the Chicago Cubs open on the road in Atlanta. Game time for that first pitch is 3:10 CT.