Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Road Ends Here

If youd've been watching the National Basketball Semi-Finals you've seen the slogan which is associated with the Final Four, "The Road Ends Here." It will end for both teams Monday night. Duke or hometown favorite, Butler will leave Lucas Oil Stadium as a National Champion. There will be many comparisons for this match-up. "David vs Goliath" will be one as well as the local favorite of comparing Butler to Hickory in the 80's classic, "Hoosiers." Compare it however you want, but this will be a match-up of two teams who are playing some good basketball. One with a coach who has played on this stage numerous times in Mike Kaczyszewski. But Butler is the "little engine that could." Champion of the Horizon League, the Bulldogs enter the championship for the first time and will represent all "mid-majors" as they take ont he storied Duke program.

This isn't necessarily the two teams CBS was looking for. Duke is always a good sell for television ratings, but Butler brings little prominence to the table. Although there is a good back story to the Bulldogs, CBS risks losing an audience if the game is sluggish, or one-sided to the Blue Devils early on.

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