Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another Week of Home Openers

So Long Metrodome and Indoor Minnesota Baseball
The second full week of the season and more home openers on the way. In Minnesota they will experience their first outdoor home opener since the Twins moved inside for the 1982 season. The Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome has provided the Minnesota Twins memorable moments including two different World Series Championships but fans in the Twin Cities are looking forward to creating new memories in Target Field.
Petco Park in San Diego
One of the "quirkiest" of the new ballparks is San Diego's Petco Park. Built in the heart of downtown, this stadium has a little for everyone. Some seats are built into an old warehouse while some are able to watch from a family area consisting of a play area outside center field. Definitely one of the treats of the stadium are the Fish Tacos as a trip to the ballpark wouldn't be complete without them.
Dodger Stadium
Amazingly one of the three oldest ballparks in the major leagues, Dodger Stadium has been home to Los Angeles' National League team since 1962. Fans arrive to this ballpark "fashionably late," but it is due to the large amount of traffic in the area. However my biggest complaint is that there is little to do at or around the ballpark prior to the game. Parking is plenty, but there is nothing to do until gates open...and tailgating is a foreign idea to the Southern Californians. It is easy to feel post-season baseball sitting in Dodger Stadium. So many playoff and World Series games have been played here that even in May it is easy to feel like it is October. Dodger Dogs are the must treat from the concession stands.
Beautiful Wrigley Field
There is absolutely nothing like a game at Wrigley Field. Although the Cubs have never won a World Series while playing in the "Friendly Confines," there is no venue in all of baseball, or perhaps in all of sport like Wrigley Field. Currently there is little advertising, no replay board and the scoreboard is hand operated. Located in a Chicago neighborhood, apartment complexes surround it as well as the many bars and restaurants that help give the area its charm.
Busch Stadium home of the Cardinals
In the heart of downtown St. Louis resides the newest version of Busch Stadium, home of the Cardinals. It's accessibility makes it easy for a family to attend, and recently has been home to one of the most talented teams in all of baseball. Hotels are located within blocks, with many interstates dropping you off at the door. The open outfield gives fans a great view of downtown as well as the Arch. While it has been tough for a Cubs fan to enjoy the greatest rivaly in baseball over the last few years in St. Louis, this is a great place to watch it.
Citizen Bank Park, home of the Phillies
Citizen Bank Park in Philadelphia is one ballpark that was done right. There is always a good view of the field whether you are in your seats or walking to them. All concourses allow for a view while getting to the concession stands or restrooms. Escalators quickly move fans from one level to another and advanced ticket windows can also be found on the top level, something I haven't seen in any other ballpark. Along with ticket windows located throughout the park, there are also different children play areas giving parents the opportunity to go a short distance for the son or daughter to play. The only drawback is the limited number of seats in the shade, but those that are provide a nice breeze on a warm Summer day.

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