Friday, December 9, 2011

The Insight Bowl

The announcement has been made and the Hawkeyes are heading back to the Valley of the Sun. The preparations continue for the bowl operating staff, but for the members of Iowa's and Oklahoma's staff they just begin. And this past week members of each staff journeyed to Scottsdale, Arizona the site of the Insight Bowl to learn more about their temporary home while preparing for the 2011 event.

Those preparations began in full when the staffs met the Insight Bowl organizing committee at the Fiesta Bowl offices in downtown Scottsdale. The Fiesta Bowl also run game operations for the Insight Bowl at the former Fiesta site of Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe. These meetings between the bowl and team staffs go over everything from hotel and practice site details to all of the different events wrapped up in game week as well as the what will be expected on game day. It is one of the more thorough bowl staffs in the country.
The Fiesta Bowl Offices in Scottsdale

Besides being the headquarters of the Fiesta and Insight Bowls, the office is home to a mini-hall of fame of the games. Jerseys of teams that have participated along with pictures and stories on all of the games. The Fiesta Bowl has had a proud history and what has made it a successful event has been the volunteers. That can be found in an adjacent corner of the building where pictures hang of former volunteer heads or notable people who have pushed the Fiesta Bowl to the national stage. Highlights constantly run showing all of their old games.

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