Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Millen on the ESPN Call

A day closer to Friday night's game is Iowa's typical Thursday practice. And on those days is typically when the ESPN game announcers show up for a closer look at the teams they are broadcasting. On this Wednesday, Matt Millen took time to make that visit. Millen who has covered a couple of Oklahoma games this season hasn't seen the Hawkeyes since the 2010 Insight Bowl. And as we all know, many things have changed.

Millen's preparation begins early. Before attending practice at Chapparal High School, he stopped by the Hawkeye's team hotel to get in a video session on the 2011 Iowa team. After getting a close up look while at practice, Millen returned to the hotel for more in-depth review, and will return on Thursday to continue his game prep. Also on Thursday, he and Sean McDonough will spend time with the Iowa Head Coach, as well as coordinators and a few players for more insight into their broadcast.

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