Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Night Out on the Town

Any place that is open for Christmas dinner earns a place on my blog. With many places being closed for the holiday, it was tough to find a place to eat in the Scottsdale area. There were a few places near our hotel, but those were already busy with people from our travel party. Instead we headed south on Scottsdale Blvd to the outskirts of Old Towne and found Loco Patron.

Now I don't try to post about chain restaurants, but I could only find two in the area, and that may be the only ones. And although the sign says Mexican Grill, it offers much more than food found south of the border. Burgers, mac and cheese and other northern traditional meals were on the menu, including a few varieties of chicken strips, which was a big hit for my son.

But there was plenty on the menu if you wanted some Mexican flare. I can't pass up on any kind of seafood tacos, and while my wife beat me to order the lobster tacos, I enjoyed ahi ahi tacos. My only complaint was I could've eaten another one or so, although they were completely filled with fish, lettuce and guacomole.
Something I like about restaurants and bars in Arizona is how the bar area is open to those sitting inside and out. Loco was filled with people of all types. Families were mixed in with a younger "out of college" crowd that enjoyed the outdoor patio until the cooler temperatures drove them inside. Televisions could be found throughout the restaurant, and while it was the Bulls and Lakers on, I didn't know if I was in Phoenix or Iowa City when the Bulls blocked a Kobe shot to win, the bar cheered. It wasn't for the Bulls, but against the Lakers.

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