Friday, December 2, 2011

Bowl Talk

Will the Insight be Iowa's bowl destination again?
Isn't all of this bowl talk fun? It sure keeps twitter, message boards and talk shows busy. Opinions constantly change and where one team goes may be dependent on an outcome from a game in a conference few had given attention to until the last few days.

Then there is speculation from bowl reps who get interviewed by a media outlet of a local school. I have yet to hear a bowl rep speak negatively of one school. As bowl talk goes, they'd love to have each and everyone of the teams that are qualified. And in turn the school sees every bowl opportunity as being the best thing that could happen to their athletic department. Yes, everyone has their preferences. Bowls are about selling tickets and providing a good match-up for sponsors and televisions. Bowls are also for football teams who are looking for extra practice time, prestige and of course the gifts that each participating student-athlete has earned for a long season of preparation.

All of this talk means very little until we know the outcomes of many games on Saturday. Then the discussions within each bowl office get a little more heated and the announcements are made. Its fun to talk about it, but I'm ready to talk about the match-up.

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