Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rivalry Games

Saturday two intra-state rivals will play when the Hawkeyes and Cyclones take to Kinnick Stadium's grass field. Over 75,000 will be in attendance as well as many more who will tailgate in the many parking lots soaking up the atmosphere. Just like any other rivalry game, the fans of these two teams desperately want their team to win for a year of bragging rights over the other.
A year ago, a young offensive lineman from the Quad Cities made the comment that he "hates Iowa State." This young man was criticized for making the comments and labeling them as "bulletin board material" for the Cyclones. I'm not sure I see what is wrong with the comment.

I grew up a Hawkeye fan and taught to not like the Cyclones. My mom didn't want me to use the word "hate," but that is no different from the amount of dislike I have for Iowa State.

I have many friends who have either attended Iowa State or are fans of the Cyclones. I don't "hate" them. I've been to Ames and have no positive or negative feelings toward the city. The school has an excellent academic program, but I had no interest in attending it. But as an entity, I hate Iowa State.

What's wrong with that statement? Sure, I don't have to make that comment, but why can't I. This young man didn't like the 'Clones and stated it as such. On one trip to Jack Trice Field, the home of the 'Clones, I left the parking lot with beer cans thrown at my car. Sure this may be a small minority of the fans, and there may be ignorant Iowa fans, but it is reasons like this that make me "hate" Iowa State.

Iowa State isn't the only school I hate. But many reasons I don't like a team is how I've been treated by either the school or its fans.

Iowa and Iowa State is this weekend. It is a rivalry. There are Iowa State fans who "hate" Iowa, and Iowa State fans who "hate" Iowa. This isn't anything new. Nor should it be bulletin board material. This "hate" is a given, and we should expect a twenty year old from the state to express his dislike.

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