Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Destination Tucson

The first road trip is upon the Iowa Hawkeyes, and it is one of the longest regular season trips this team has taken for a while. Saturday night at 9:30 the Hawkeyes will take on the Arizona Wildcats.

Packed within are the different shirts and hats that may be needed for availability as well as equipment needed by the Hawkeye training, managerial and video staffs.

Drivers Jeff and Billy closed the doors on the attractive semi just before 1pm and headed down the road for Arizona. They plan on pulling into town sometime Thursday evening. On Friday morning they will drop off the hotel required at the team's hotel then meet the team at the airport to pick up extra items that were needed to be flown down on the same flight as the Hawkeyes.

Game time is 9:30pm (Iowa time) and can be seen on ESPN. This is the only match-up of the day between two teams voted in the top 25, and one of three on the slate facing teams from the Big Ten and Pac 10.

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