Monday, September 6, 2010

Night Out on the Town

This week's featured spot has an identity problem. It is a local pub in Des Moines. Cooney's caters to everyone, but don't call it a Hawkeye bar, as Brian, the owner is a University of Iowa grad. Don't call it a Cyclone bar as Kevin's brother, local KCCI anchor Kevin, is an Iowa State grad. You may be able to call it a Drake bar as some of the Bulldog upper classmen find their way to this nearby tavern. But one thing you can call it is a friendly, warm inviting place to meet friends and share in good conversation.
Located on the NW side of the Des Moines city limits, Cooney's has been the neighborhood tap for quite some time. A little over ten years ago it moved across the street to its current location, and the regulars followed Brian over.

A couple of things you can count on when visiting Brian: 1. The popcorn is plenty and goes well with the cold draws. 2. Always a game on the television. If Iowa and Iowa State are both on at the same time, he caters to both clientel showing each school on the many televisions. and 3. If there isn't a game on, Brian has no other news station on, but that of his brother, KCCI - Channel 8.
Brian takes much pride in tending his bar. Always there to open in the afternoon, but gives way to his younger bartenders when the college students come calling. However Brian returns every night to clean and close.

On this weekend of Iowa and Iowa State, you know you can watch the game here and have friends, as well as enemies, around.

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